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why is toronto in the mlb

I still remember that day back in March when the MLB announced that the Toronto Blue Jays were approved for inclusion in the Major League Baseball.​ Being from Canada, I was so stoked! While this may have been shocking to some people, us folks who are how long are mlb ganes-time Toronto baseball watchers knew our team had the fire in them to make it big.​

Even though the sport of baseball isn’t too popular in Canada, the players and teams have been working hard to establish a fanbase and win some games.​ For the Blue Jays, this is nothing new as they’ve proven time and time again that they have the grit and talent to compete.​ In fact, our boys have already achieved playoff appearances, division titles and even a World Series back in the early ’90s.​

Plus, there’s some added excitement when the Jays are involved with other teams in the league.​ As every game takes place at the same ballpark stadium, it’s easy to spot the vocal Toronto supporters cheering for their beloved team.​ It’s honestly the best feeling ever!

Aside from having a successful track record, the Blue Jays also offered something unique the team was the first outside the United States to join the MLB, which teams were in conference championships last year mlb opened some doors for international players.​ To this day, there are still members of the Blue Jays with their roots in countries like Japan, the Dominican Republic, etc.​ These players bring an interesting flavor to the team’s playing style, with their enthusiasm and skill really shining through on the field.​

Right now, being part of the MLB has opened a lot of opportunities for Toronto.​ With the level of competition and money involved, it provides a great platform for developing players and expanding our fanbase.​ And on the financial side, the team has quite a potential to bring in some serious income in from broadcast rights and endorsements.​

In my opinion, being in the MLB also truly amplifies our sense of hometown pride.​ As a Torontonian, there’s a special feeling of elation knowing that our team is out there by their lonesome, competing with some of the best baseball teams in the world.​ That level of ambition and skill is something to be admired and celebrated.​

My feelings for the Blue Jays are far from neutral-every game they play leaves me wanting more.​ Whenever they can snag a win, it feels like a victory for all of Toronto.​ And you know what? Winning or losing, I think it’s safe for me to say that the Blue Jays are in a league of their own.​

Since the inclusion of the Blue Jays into MLB, there’s been an increased sense of national pride and unity when it comes to our team.​ Aside from the skill and technical aspects, there’s a symbolic aspect at play here, too.​ Our team serves as a moment of pride for not just Canadians, but all of us who are passionate about the game of baseball.​

The Blue Jays also help to bring attention to the other great teams of the Canadian Baseball League.​ There’s always been some talent up north, but now that the Blue Jays are in the big leagues, it’s opened the door for other teams to prove themselves.​ With Toronto in the MLB, it’s like an indirect invitation for scouts to come and check out the lesser-known teams of Canada.​

When it comes down to it, the Blue Jays have always been a force to be reckoned with.​ And I’m so glad that they are able to more fully showcase their skills now that they’re competing with the big boys.​ It’s an exciting time for baseball in Canada and this is only the beginning!