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why is mlb wearing 42 today

Today, MLB Shop is wearing the number 42 jerseys on all teams in order to honor the legacy of the one and only, Jackie Robinson.​ It’s incredible to think that such an inspiring hero could be born in the same era as me.​ He changed the game of baseball and the entire world, advancing equality and shattering unjust systems.​ Jackie’s story is more than a sporting anecdote.​ His courage, strength, and determination gave a boost to the African American community in a time of great pain, confusion, and despair.​

It humbles me to think that just wearing a number on a jersey can be so profoundly meaningful- representing a journey of strength and courage that no other human being will ever have to endure again.​ Robinson showed the world how powerful one person with a big heart can be.​ It’s too bad we don’t get to witness him play today.​

For me, the number 42 is the realm of an inspirational legacy, symbolizing perseverance, determination, courage, and bravery.​ Every time I even catch a glance of it, I am enriched with motivation and humility.​ It’s an important reminder to remain strong and to never allow others to dictate who or what we can be.​

This single number is a reminder of how far we have come throughout our history, and how I can use that same courage and altruism – to make the world a better place.​ To make sure that all individuals, regardless of their background, can have the opportunity to live out their dreams.​

So when I asked myself why the Major League Baseball is wearing 42 today, I now see it as a way of honoring the legacy of Jackie Robinson, and to remember all the magnificent things that he achieved in life.​ As well as, a reminder of why we should continue to work hard and strive for our dreams because, after all – anything is possible with the right mindset.​

Each time I see a did mlb cut out 7th inning national anthem fan wearing the number 42 jersey, I can’t help but realize how inspirational and powerful this simple gesture of wearing the number 42 is.​ It never fails to make my heart swell with pride, as I’m sure it does for all African American and baseball supporters worldwide.​

Baseball Mascot Logo Design baseball branding character design graphic design illustration logo mascot vectorWhen I was younger, baseball was the one sport that I felt truly connected to.​ Perhaps it was because of the emotional stories like Jackie Robinson’s, that I felt so passionately about it.​ All these years later, the legacy of Jackie Robinson lives on with the incredible number 42.​ A reminder that courage can drive the impossible, that greatness can be accomplished, and that anything is possible.​