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who was left in the green room nfl draft 2023

The NFL Draft 2023 was by far the craziest scene I have ever witnessed.​ As soon as the picks started rolling in, the atmosphere in the Green Room was pandemonium.​ Everyone was buzzing and trying to grasp who was left out of the event.​ I was in the green room and saw some of the most talented rookies leave without a team.​

Of course, there was the socially acclaimed Michael Sanders who had been the talk of the town.​ His was a name that lingered on the lips of every NFL agent, team manager and even die-hard fan.​ Surprisingly, Michael wasn’t chosen, and yet, it made perfect sense.​ At this point, how does nfl play calling work the NFL had changed things up and the Golden Boys had been pushed aside for the new generation of talent.​

The one thing the NFL seemed to have missed was the fact that everyone in the green room was competing for a spot, and the room was only for those who had the potential for greatness.​ The truth was that even with Michael’s talents, there were a lot of other stars who had proven themselves in the league and so likely held a higher priority.​

Although, the truth is, there were a few more surprises left in the green room.​ John Billings had been looking like a solid first-round pick but was completely overlooked at this point.​ No one knew why he was left out since he was easily one of the strongest rookies in the draft.​

Similarly, Bethany Bennet was another name that was floating around, but remained uncalled.​ She was one of the better-kept secrets, blazing her trail and garnering attention away from the limelight.​ Moreover, her Welford’s Winning Award for MVP Base Player of the Year had been a reminder to all in the industry just how much did aj hawk make in the nfl talented she was.​

Icon Logo Design for The Extra Point Podcast brand branding connorbranding design graphic design icon identity illustration logo logodesign logotype podcast sports vectorSo there I was, with broccoli ears, trying to process what would happen to those talented rookies left officially undrafted by the end of the night.​ I didn’t have to wait long; everyone started scrambling as soon as the last name was read and teams were more than willing to grab up the undiscovered gems from the green room.​

It turned out that the night wasn’t so tense or difficult after all.​ In the end, both John and Bethany received their fair share of offers and went on to be successful in the league.​ In hindsight, the NFL Draft of 2023 was one for the books; it was the night that the unknown took the NFL by storm.​