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who was in the nfl 100 commercial

Wow, I just watched the NFL 100 commercial and I have to say, it was one of the most electrifying things I have ever seen! It was exciting to see some of the greatest nfl plauer players coming together to celebrate the league’s 100th anniversary.​

Honestly, I had no idea who all were in the commercial.​ There was so much going on and the commercial was only about a minute long, so I figured I’d do a bit of research and find out who was in the NFL 100 commercial.​ That’s when I saw the names and YouTube videos of some of the players that were featured in the spot.​

I was so blown away by the sheer star power in the commercial! Magic Johnson, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Odell Beckham Jr.​, Saquon Barkley, and Tom Brady just to name a few.​ I couldn’t believe that all of my favorite players had come together to create an epic commercial!

It was creative how the commercial was put together with the highlights of so many iconic plays featured in it.​ From Larry Fitzgerald’s 64 yard touchdown pass to catch the game winning touchdown to Eli Manning’s incredible 41 yard pass to David Tyree for the game winning catch.​ It was really amazing to see some of the best plays that have been made in NFL history featured in the commercial.​

I especially liked the part where everyone was chanting the ” one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, touchdown,” chant.​ That was awesome! I thought it was a great way to show the spirit of the NFL players and the fans’ enthusiasm for the game.​

It was evident that so much thought had gone into the making of this commercial, and it truly was a celebration of the most iconic football league in the world.​ There were explosions, pyrotechnics, and huge gatherings of people all playing different instruments.​ It was so powerful when they all did the salute in unison.​

The most poignant moment for me was when the commercial ended and the giant banner saying “this is why we .​.​.​ play” unfurled above the players.​ It was a powerful reminder that even though this is a sport, it is actually something much deeper.​ It’s a way for people to come together and celebrate something they all love.​

I think the commercial successfully captured the essence of the NFL’s 100th anniversary.​ It may be a big game, but at the end of the day, does nfl commentators watch live game or on tv it’s still just a game.​ It’s a representation of something that so many people can come together and support, and it was amazing to see them come together to celebrate the moment.​