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who throws the fastest in mlb

I’ve always found the race to find the MLB’s fastest pitcher to be an incredibly exciting one.​ Every fan who follows the game has an opinion on who they think throws the fastest, and the competition is fierce.​ Every season, pitchers come out of the pen, ready to show that they are the fastest.​ It’s truly electrifying watching them wind up and let one fly.​

I remember watching some of my favorite MLB games as a kid, and seeing some of the fastest pitchers in action.​ There was something so mesmerizing about watching a pitch reach its top speed, and then rocket past the batter’s bat as if it couldn’t be stopped.​ Those moments made you hold your breath, they were just that captivating.​

Away Day - Sport Font Family baseball branding champion display font family font sport fonts football graphic design logo softball sport typographyWhen I think about which teams were in conference championships last year mlb pitchers possess the most velocity, one name stands out above the rest: Aroldis Chapman.​ He is the undisputed king when it comes to the fastest fastball in the game.​ According to Statcast, Chapman has thrown a fastball as high as 105.​1 MPH- that’s unrivaled when it comes to mlb jerseys speed.​ He is also no slouch in the pitch variety department, throwing multiple off-speed pitches that make batters’ heads spin.​

It’s not just his speed that sets Chapman apart – it’s also his demeanor.​ He’s a composed yet menacing presence out on the mound.​ He may not be flashy, but his quiet, focused approach to pitching really comes through when he’s in his zone.​ His pitches appear to be almost effortless as he props his arm back and delivers the heat.​

Of course, Chapman isn’t the only guy out there with something special.​ Jordan Hicks is another pitcher who is lighting up speed guns everywhere with fastballs at an amazing 102.​9 MPH.​ He seems to be even more deadly than Chapman, as his delivery is more deceptive and hard to read.​ This makes it even more dangerous for opposing batters.​

These two pitchers are the clear examples of the elite velocity group.​ There are other guys out there who could earn the title of “fastest in the game” but Chapman and Hicks definitely stand out from the pack.​ What do you think, who throws the fastest in MLB? I think it’s between those two!

A question you may ask is ‘how have these pitchers achieved such speeds?’ Some say genetics, while others believe it is training.​ Regardless of the cause, it is clear that proper technique, a good diet, and the ability to stay injury-free all play a major role for any pitcher who wishes to join the elite velocity group.​ Furthermore, the younger academy prospects entering the game with already impressive speeds, makes it more likely that we will see more guys earning that label in the years to come.​

Speaking of academy prospects, there is one young phenom who looks to be the future of MLB.​ Garrett Harris is only 19 years old, yet his fastball speed is already an impressive 102.​6 MPH.​ He has already caught the attention of some of the top sports commentators around the country and is seen as a true prodigy.​ With his unbelievable poise and delivery, you can expect to see Harris breaking records with that fastball for years to come.​

So what does the future hold for the fastest pitchers in the league? It’s really anyone’s guess.​ But I have a feeling we are going to be seeing some amazing fastballs flying around as more pitchers enter the fray.​ It’s an incredible time to be a fan of the great American pastime and I can’t wait to see what’s next!