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when is week 1 of nfl

It’s been said that the great rebirth of the NFL season starts with week one.​ For many devoted NFL fans, there aren’t many better days than the one where week one of the NFL schedule is released.​ This epic event occurs early April, and to me, it feels like a gift under the tree from Santa.​ It’s a signal of hope, it’s a chance to put the world of football in focus for the upcoming season.​

The week one of the NFL season begins the week before the Labor Day holiday, which is generally the first Monday of September.​ This week gives us something to start looking forward to, and it’s highlighted by the exciting opening day on the Thursday of that week.​ This year, all time division rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns will clash in what’s sure to be an epic Match up.​

In week one, the NFL also gives us a chance to preview the upcoming season through their schedule.​ This is the time when the matchups and Super Bowl contenders start to solidify and the most excited of us goes scout our favorite teams.​ From the top teams to find out which one we think will make the playoffs all the way to building rivalries and cheering for underdogs.​ This is the stuff that NFL weeks are made of.​

Part of the fun of week one of the NFL is also the chance to get pumped up about all the preseason analysis and predictions.​ This year, we have the opportunity to see the top rookie prospects on the field and begin to see what kind of impact they will have on the leagues collective for the upcoming season.​ There is also a chance to hear the NFL analyzing and their opinions of who could make the Super Bowl this year.​

For me personally, I love to get out the popcorn and the chips and dip and just dive right in.​ This is why week one of the NFL is also special to me, because it is the kickoff for a slew of Sunday get-togethers and game watching parties.​ I always find it amazing to look across the country and see all these fanatics who live for the game, living in their painted faces and team’s jersey.​

Week one is truly a fantastic time for all of us to become together and explore this great game.​ The National Football League has been around since 1920 and I know many of us have enjoyed every step of the way.​ This is why why can’t wait for the start of each season and as soon as that first whistle blows, it’s party time!

As we head into the second part of this post, I’d like to highlight some of the ways that week one gives us the opportunity to get involved in the games.​ Sure, watching the games, analyzing the matchups and placing our bets all can be fun, but what else can fans do to get even closer to the action?

First off, fantasy football is always an excellent way to show your true fandom.​ With the ability to draft players from all NFC and AFC teams, you can truly show how you think the season will be played out.​ Additionally, fan-run leagues and websites can give you the chance to participate in simulated Madden games that are based on the upcoming matchups.​ This can give us a glimpse of how the upcoming games could shake out.​

One of my absolute favorite activities to do during week one of the NFL is to portend which quarterbacks and running backs will have good performances.​ We all know that a good supporting cast makes all the difference to a team’s success, and how much money has ben roethlisberger made in the nfl we get to see these stars really shine in the first week.​ We all know that these players have something special about them and I enjoy watching them light up the field.​

Another great thing about week one of the NFL is that it gives way to the beginning of the “tailgating” season.​ If you go to a good tailgate before a game, you start to feel the same buzz that the players feel before the game.​ It’s a great way to support your team and get that same game-day feeling that the players get.​

Week one of the NFL also ushers in the beginnings of the celebrations.​ We get to see all of the surgeries that teams might have onto the playoffs and really spectate them as they strive for their success.​ Besides that, there is a plethora of reasons why week one of the NFL is premier in my eyes.​ No matter how you look at it, it’s the celebration of the nfl free agency denver broncos spirit.​