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what teams are in the nfl playoffs 2022

It’s officially NFL season and the 2022 playoff are about to kickoff! I’m confident that this year will be action packed with talent.​ We can look forward to the usual teams making their playoff debut such as the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Kansas City Chiefs.​ But we’ll also be seeing some new faces too, especially with the new Philadelphia Eagles and the Las Vegas Raiders entering the mix.​

It goes without saying that one team will dominate all of the other teams come playoff time, and that is the New England Patriots.​ After a tumultuous 2020 season, the New England Patriots have emerged stronger than ever before.​ Tom Brady and company have proven that they will be a force to reckoned with in the upcoming season.​ Even with the new talent entering the league, the Patriots will be able to hold their own with their savvy strategy and proven consistency.​

The Kansas City Chiefs just might be the Racing Team to beat! They are the defending Super Bowl champions and have the world’s best Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.​ The Chiefs have had an outstanding past few seasons and have established themselves as one of the top dj uiagalelei nfl draft teams out there.​ With the addition of Tyreek Hill, this team is looking to take their game to the next level and I’m sure they will contend for yet another Super Bowl appearance.​

What about the rest of the NFL? Who is going to make the playoffs and who will be left on the outside looking in? It’s anyone’s guess really, but I’m sure we’ll see some surprising newcomers cut it to the post season.​ I’m certain the Tennessee Titans and the Seattle Seahawks will be making some noise and should see them competing for a spot in the playoffs.​

The same can be said for the Los Angeles Rams.​ They made some spectacular moves in free agency which should give them an edge when the season tips off.​ Matthew Stafford and their new fierce pass-rush make them one of the favourites to make the playoffs this year.​ Also, the Atlanta Falcons have replenished their talent with a good combination of rookies, youngsters, and veterans that could make a serious push for the playoffs.​

Lastly, the Buffalo Bills could also make a playoff run.​ Josh Allen has had two consecutive solid seasons and with the added weapons on their offense, they could exceed expectations for sure.​ Who knows, they could be the team to surprise everyone in the playoffs.​

So there you have it! We have an exciting season ahead of us and I can’t wait to seewho’ll make the playoffs and which team will win it all! wholesale jerseys from china the Patriots to the Falcons, we’ll be in for an interesting ride this season.​ Who do you think will have the honor of lifting the Lombardi Trophy this year? Let me know your predictions in the comments below!