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what is su in mlb

Oh wow, my friend, baseball has been such a part of my life for as long as I can remember.​ I love nothing more than a good game at the ballpark, and I especially love the way my hometown has had a Major League Baseball (MLB) team called the SU for so many years now! So what exactly is this team, and why are they so legendary?

Well, SU stands for the Seattle Union, and they are a professional baseball franchise in the MLB that was inaugurated in 1940.​ They are the only American League team in the northwest given they are so far away from the other teams and next in line only after the legendary New York Yankees!

I’ll forever be grateful for the SU since they’ve given me some truly unforgettable memories.​ They’re the definition of sportsmanship and athleticism, an incredible team that not only excels in the baseball world but also serves as an amazing beacon of hope for this city.​ Every time I watch the games or even just hear they’re playing, I get so pumped up and ready to cheer them on!

When I think about the SU, the first thing that comes to mind is their famous rivalry with the San Francisco Giants.​ These incredible rivals have faced off for decades, battling it out for the number one spot come the postseason.​ And, despite the fierce competition, the SU always gives it their best shot with some stunning comebacks and amazing victories.​

The SU have certainly had some highs and some lows over the years.​ They’ve experienced both the worst of times—when their stadium was shut down due to asbestos—and the best of times, with their fans packing the stands to support them with undying enthusiasm.​

What I truly admire about the SU is their ability to adapt and innovate.​ In the mid-2000s, they replaced their hardwood stadium with a brand new synthetic turf and began offering some of the most amazing perks around, from loyalty points systems to giveaways and special events.​

Plus, they’ve consistently invested in a stellar roster of players who is supercharged in mlb the show 23, along with the incredible coaching staff, help ensure the team’s continued success.​ From their remarkable recruiting program to their top-notch training efforts, the SU have all the necessary ingredients to make them unbeatable!

But I think what truly makes the SU everyone’s favorite team is their commitment to community service.​ With programs like the ‘Lift Off to Literacy’ that strive to get children interested in reading, to their participation in events like the ‘Fight Breast Cancer’, the team shows that they care about 2019 mlb all star game on wikipedia the people of Seattle just as much as they care about winning games.​

It’s this sense of unity between the team and their fans that really stands out.​ There’s no denying that the SU are an incredibly passionate bunch, and while I’ve had tons of great baseball memories, none of them can even compare to the experiences I’ve had cheering for the SU.​

Now, I think more than ever before the SU have the potential to get to the World Series.​ While the odds are stacked against them, this is one team that always finds a way to prove the doubters wrong and come out on top!

seasonFrom their brilliant strategizing and teamwork to their impressive roster of players, the SU have all the tools to take them all the way to championship victory.​ Let’s get behind them, show some hometown pride and make this year their best yet!