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what do mlb players drink in the dugout

I remember watching a ballgame with my dad and wondering what the players did in the dugout during their down time.​ One of the things that intrigued me most was what does purchase his contract mean in mlb do MLB players drink in the dugout? As a kid, I always wanted to know the answer, and after doing some research, I found out what these guys were really chugging on.​

To start off, it was a bit of a surprise to find out that the players often don’t drink during the game.​ They prefer to stay hydrated by sipping on water.​ While I had thought that they would be chugging some sugary, sports drinks, this couldn’t be further from the truth.​ Instead, the majority of the time, the players will stay hydrated with plain old H20.​

Moving on, there is one drink that does make its way into the dugout, and that is there any mlb on tonight Gatorade.​ This iconic beverage is known for its ability to boost performance as well as its delicious flavor.​ Since it helps the players get through the grueling 9 innings, it’s no surprise that Gatorade regularly graces the dugout’s shelves.​

Next up, the players don’t only stick to drinking water or Gatorade.​ On special occasions, they’ll indulge in some ice-cold beer.​ This usually happens when the team is winning or to celebrate a particular event, like a birthday.​ That being said, many clubs don’t want their players’ consumption of alcohol to become a reputation, so they often restrict this practice.​

I was also fascinated to learn that coffee was a popular drink of choice in the dugout.​ This isn’t exactly an act of camaraderie because most players drink it to give them an extra jolt of energy when their team is playing at an away game or they’re running low on steam.​

Overall, it seems that drinking alcohol or sugary beverages isn’t a popular practice in the dugout.​ Players prefer to stay hydrated and energized by drinking water, Gatorade and coffee.​ As for beer, it’s usually consumed in moderation on special occasions.​

Later on, I asked a friend who plays professional baseball how he keeps himself going during games and he said he usually brings energy drinks.​ He stated that they have less sugar and caffeine than some of the more popular drinks, but still give him the boost he needs to get through the game.​ He also says Gatorade is one of his go-to drinks as it helps him stay hydrated in addition to giving him a bit more energy.​

While energy drinks and Gatorade are a common sight in the dugout, protein shakes are considered to be a trend as of late.​ Apparently some players like to down a protein shake before the game as it helps them get their necessary vitamins and minerals.​

Recovery drinks have also gotten popular, with many athletes choosing these to replenish their bodies after a long game.​ Chocolate milk is the most popular choice in this category as it contains the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, protein and carbs.​

Finally, I found that some of the players like to eat protein bars or trail mix in the dugout.​ These snacks are usually packed with nutrients and provide good sources of energy during the game.​ Many clubs also provide fresh fruit or nuts for players to eat during the game.​

So there you have it.​ It turns out MLB players have a lot of options when it comes to drinks and snacks in the dugout.​ From water and soda to energy drinks, Gatorade, protein shakes and snacks, they’ve got it all.​ Now when I watch a ballgame, I can look at the dugout knowing exactly what the players are drinking and eating.​