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what are the neck collars in the nfl

Have you ever wondered why NFL players wear neck collars? Well as a former NFL player myself, I can tell you it’s not purely for fashion purposes!

The neck collars – more formally known as Neck Roll or Neck Brace – is a small, circular, flexible pad that wraps around the neck.​ It’s commonly used to protect against neck injuries, especially those resulting from membrane strain or minor trauma due to tackles and collisions.​ Essentially, it functions as a buffer to take the brunt of the impact, preventing players from suffered from severe neck injuries.​

This piece of equipment has been prominent in the NFL since the early 80s.​ Initially, they resembled something a mother might use to keep her child from rolling over in bed.​ But now, thanks to technological advances, the modern neck collar is a lot more adjustable, comfortable and – most importantly – protective.​ And not only that, it’s also designed with comfort and mobility in mind.​

As an cheap nfl jerseys player, wearing a neck collar can be really beneficial.​ For starters, it’s an extra layer of protection.​ It helps to absorb the force of tackles, giving players an extra level of security whilst on the field.​ In addition, the cushioning provided by the neck collar prevents the neck vertebrae from jamming, which can lead to more serious injuries.​

But I think the biggest benefit of wearing a neck collar is that it gives you immense confidence at key moments, such as when you’re making a tackle or receiving the ball.​ It adds an additional layer of reassurance, knowing you have a protective shield around your neck.​

In my experience, it was very easy to get used to wearing a neck collar.​ It was comfortable and didn’t weigh me down on the field.​ As a running back, having a light, flexible neck collar was invaluable given all the different positions I had to get into.​

The other advantage to the neck collar was that it was semi-disposable.​ In other words, once a game was finished, I could just take it off, discard it, and replace it for the next game.​ This was a great feature as it separated the clean neck collars from the sweaty, stained ones.​

I think neck collars are great for football players of any level – amateur or professional.​ They offer an extra layer of protection which can prevent neck injuries, especially those resulting from tackles or collisions.​ Even more, they give you does the nfl do.something for thanksgiving confidence you need to perform your best out on the field.​