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ucf nfl players

There’s nothing more exhilarating than cheering for your favorite college team in the NFL.​ For me, that team is the University of Central Florida (UCF) Knights.​ Not only do I look forward to watching them on Sundays, but I’m also proud of all the UCF Knights who have made it to the NFL.​

As someone who has the nfl ever reduced penalty on appeal been a huge fan of UCF since I was a young kid, it’s been great to hear about the achievements of UCF’s NFL players.​ It’s just as exciting to hear about the news of the new players who have been drafted by the NFL over the years.​

One of the most exciting players to watch when I was growing up was Daunte Culpepper.​ He was a solid quarterback who got picked up after he finished his college career with UCF.​ He went on to enjoy a great NFL career, what are the nfl eagles colors culminating with a Pro Bowl appearance.​

Another one of the UCF Knights to make it in the NFL was Josh Sitton, an offensive lineman who started his first season with the Chicago Bears and later went on to the Green Bay Packers.​ I remember being in awe of the size of the professional linemen that he had to defend against.​ His perseverance and skills have been an inspiration for me.​

Another UCF Knight worth mentioning is Blake Bortles, a quarterback drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars.​ Everyone had high expectations for him after college and he’s proven to live up for them.​ His arm’s accuracy and ability to find open receivers has resulted in plenty of touchdowns and wins for the team.​

In the recent years, many more UCF Knights have joined the NFL.​ Names like Mike Hughes, Jordan Akins, Breshad Perriman, Shaquem Griffin, and Jordan McCray have all been drafted and gone on to play in the professional leagues.​ It’s been a pleasure to watch them show what it means to fight and excel at something that you are passionate about.​

Other players that deserve to get recognition are Rannell Hall, Shawn Moffitt, Joe Burnett, and Jemea Thomas.​ Even though they didn’t get drafted, they have all found ways to showcase their talents and won spots with different NFL teams.​ In some cases, a couple have evolved from being unknown backups to coming into their own as stars in their respective positions.​

I am also pleased to hear their stories about how they worked for years in order to get the opportunity to play in the NFL.​ It is inspiring to see that with hard work and dedication, it is possible to reach higher heights.​ The UCF Knights have proved that with their journey from college football to the gridiron in the professional league.​