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nfl survivor pool

My friend, I just joined this incredible NFL Survivor Pool this week and never would have thought it would be so amazing! A survivor pool is a game where to watch local nfl games you pick one team each week, and if your team wins can you have 4 wr sets in nfl live for another week, but if they lose, you are eliminated from the pool.​ It’s an exciting and fun way to watch the NFL and it’s even become a game to me.​

The first week was a challenge for me, I had to pick one team each day and out of which the one had to win! After doing some analysis and reading up on the match-ups, I chose the Packers and Seahawks, which both won their games in thrilling overtime! I was ready to survive for Week Two!

Week Two was even more characters than the first week.​ Each week, the pool was eliminated in size and the pressure was on to make that perfect pick.​ After much debate and consideration, I chose the Raiders to win and boy, did they deliver! It was really exciting to watch them win because it meant I made it through another week.​

Week Three was even more intense, since there were only a handful of us left in the pool! I was so paranoid about the teams I was picking, I double-checked every statistic and detail of each game I had to pick! After snooping around and making sure the Eagles had enough defense to protect the win, I decided to pick them–and, of course, they delivered.​

Week Four was the toughest week of all because all the teams were strong contenders.​ This is when the survivor pool becomes the toughest game to win, and I put in even more research.​ Ultimately, I chose the Saints and they managed to put together a dominant defense.​ It was a tight game, but they delivered and I survived another week.​

Week Five was the most nerve-wracking because I knew I was very close to winning the entire pool.​ I had to choose between the Chiefs and Chiefs, but after going through all the stats and everything, I chose the former team.​ They managed to come out on top, and luckily I was able to get the win.​ It was a great feeling, and I was on such a high after it was all over.​

Now that I’ve won the NFL Survivor Pool, I’m ready to tackle the next one.​ It’s a great way to spend my time watching the NFL, and I just may even be able to make a little extra cash with it as well!