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nfl start em sit em week 14

Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s week 14 of the NFL season, and it’s time to figure out who should be in my lineup.​ It’s a critical week, and every decision I make could be the difference between clinching a playoff spot or being left on the sidelines.​ So, who should I start and who should I sit this week?

I’ve been studying the matchups all week and I’ve come up with a list of players who I think need to be in my lineup.​ For starters, I’m all in for Ezekiel Elliott.​ The Dallas Cowboys have had a tough season, but Zeke is an absolute beast and he’s been reliable all year long.​ Plus, the Cowboys are playing the Cincinnati Bengals, who have had some serious issues in their run defense this year.​ There’s no way I’m leaving him on the bench.​

Next up is Lamar Jackson.​ The Baltimore Ravens have the perfect matchup this week against the Cleveland Browns, and Lamar has been lights out since he started.​ I know it’s always a risk to start a quarterback against division opponents, but I think the Ravens have too much firepower for the Browns to contain.​ He’s a must start for sure.​

I’m going to be a little more careful with my third starter.​ That’s why I’m going with Philip Rivers.​ He’s not the sexiest of picks, but the Colts are playing the Raiders and they have one of the worst pass defenses in the league.​ The Colts also have a great run game, so Rivers won’t have to do much to get the win.​ It’s a low risk, high reward kind of move.​

Finally, I’m going with John Brown.​ He may not be the flashiest of pickups, but the Buffalo Bills have a great matchup against the Steelers.​ Brown should get plenty of targets as the Bills look to capitalize on Pittsburgh’s struggles in the secondary.​ Plus, he’s been consistent in key moments this season, so I trust him to come up with some big plays.​ I’m counting on him to give me a good return.​

Just as important as who I start is who I’m sitting.​ The first player I’m leaving on the bench is Kyler Murray.​ He had a great start to the season, but he’s been struggling lately and the Cardinals are playing the Giants this week.​ This matchup just doesn’t give me enough confidence to put him in my lineup.​

Next, I’m sitting Deshaun Watson.​ I know the Texans are playing the Bears who have been struggling on offense, but the Bears defense has been a different story.​ Watson may be able to move the ball a bit, but I’m not convinced that the Texans will be able to put any points on the board.​ So, he’s out for me.​

My third sit is dr disrespect in the nfl Todd Gurley.​ The Rams are playing the Seahawks this week who have had some serious issues with their pass defense.​ That means the Rams may be able to move the ball on the ground more than usual, but I’m not sure that Gurley is going to get the touches he needs with Malcolm Brown and Cam Akers cutting into his workload.​ I’m just not feeling safe playing him.​

Finally, I’m sitting David Johnson.​ The Texans have a strong run defense and the Texans just don’t have the receivers that he’d need to get the ball into the endzone.​ It’s too risky for me, and like I said, I’m playing it safe.​ He’ll have to watch from the sidelines this week.​

So, that’s it! My lineup for week 14.​ It may seem a little conservative, are nfl delayed but I think I have a good chance of coming away with the ‘W’ this week.​ Fingers crossed!