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nfl picks against the spread week 18 2023

It’s week 18 of the 2023 does nfl play in bowl games season and I can’t help but get a little excited about all the picks against the spread this week! I’m already building my bandwagon, picking my teams to win and what channel is nfl schedule release on lose, and trying to guess who’s going to have the biggest surprises.​It’s so much fun trying to guess who’s going to come out on top, especially when it’s so unpredictable.​

One pick that sticks out for me is the 49ers against the Cowboys.​ The Cowboys have struggled all season, while the 49ers have been a powerhouse.​ I know the Cowboys will be motivated, but I think the 49ers will come out on top in this one.​ They have the talent, they have the desire, and I think they’ll be able to take down the Cowboys.​

My second pick of the week is the Chiefs against the Patriots.​ This is a battle of two titans, and my gut tells me the Chiefs will have the edge in this one.​ They have a more athletic team, a better offense, and I think they’ll be able to handle the Patriots’ defensive pressure.​ It’s going to be close, but I’m feeling the Chiefs will come out on top.​

My third pick of the week is the Packers against the Rams.​ This one could also be a toss-up, as both teams have had their highs and lows throughout the season.​ I think the Packers have the better offense, though, and their defense has looked surprisingly solid this year.​ I think the Packers are going to surprise everyone and pull off the upset.​

My fourth and final pick of the week is the Steelers against the Saints.​ This is another close game, but I think the Steelers will prevail.​ Their defense is one of the best in the league, and I think they’ll be able to contain the Saints’ explosive offense.​ Plus, Big Ben has really found his groove lately, so I think the Steelers will take it.​

So that’s my picks of the week.​ I think it’s going to be an exciting one, with a lot of unexpected results.​ I’m sure I’ll be surprised one way or another, but I’m feeling confident about my picks.​ Let’s see who comes out on top!

Now, let’s expand on the topic a little bit further.​ Looking deeper at the matchups of this week, I think that each team has something it can bring to the table.​ The 49ers have the experience, the Chiefs have the athleticism, the Packers have the defense, and the Steelers have the playmakers.​ All these teams have something to prove, and it’s going to be an exciting Sunday of watching these battles unfold.​

But let’s not forget about the teams that are hoping to surprise.​ The Cowboys might be having a down year, but they still have the talent to come out on top if the chips fall their way.​ The Patriots always have something up their sleeves, and the Rams have the potential to be one of the best teams in the league.​ Then there are the Saints, who have always been unpredictable.​ I’m sure they have some tricks up their sleeves, and they could be the ones to surprise us the most this week.​

It’s also important to remind ourselves that each team is different and has different goals in mind.​ Some teams are looking to make a statement, while others may be trying to get back on track.​ Some teams might be in the middle of a rebuild or looking to get back in the playoff race.​ No matter what their goal is, every team will be looking to make the most of this week’s games.​

It’s going to be an interesting Sunday, and that’s why I’m so excited for this week.​ So many teams, so many matchups, and so much at stake.​ Who knows what will happen? One thing I can be sure of, though, is that it’s going to be an exciting Sunday and I can’t wait to see whose predictions come true!