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nfl leading receivers all time

Ah, the wholesale nfl jerseys from china! That timeless Place of solace that connects us all.​ The heart-throbbing, blood-boiling, helmet-slinging word of sheer athleticism and the prominent spectacular field plays.​ Today I want to share with you about the top, leading receivers of all times.​

First and foremost I must throw light on Jerry Rice, who doesn’t really need an introduction.​ His stats in the 1990s went off the roof, with 20, 945 yards and 11 touchdowns.​ Wow! What a stunner.​ Plus, his ability to seal the moment with emotional interjections was something that completely blew my away.​

The second one that has to be mentioned here is Randy Moss.​ His ability to remodel himself to adjust to the changing competitive environments was truly awe-inspiring.​ Not to forget, He averaged over 1,000 receiving yards for 4 consecutive seasons, and had 17,036 yards with 163 touchdown catches in his career.​ Talk about wow-factor, eh?

The presence of Andre Reed in the list of NFL top receivers of all times is something that nobody can dispute given his impressive stats.​ He’s a game changer, having the 951 receptions with 13,198 yards and 87 touchdowns.​

The fourth entrant in this list, by the looks, is none other than the dynamic Larry Fitzgerald.​ He stamped his authority on the game by proving himself to be one of the most consistent and solid pass-catchers in NFL history.​ His aptness to produce the goods under pressure has made him an all-time great.​

What can I say about O.​J.​ Gailman? His career stats, which stand at 14,934 yards with 149 touchdowns, goes without saying.​ He was the go-to man at crunch times.​

Stepping up to the sixth number is one of the top contenders in the list and the one and only Tony Gonzalez.​ His 17,222 yards with 111 touchdowns speaks f or itself.​ his aptness to remain grounded despite all the success have encouraged a lot of upcoming stars in pursuit of dreams.​

The final count of NFL top receivers of all times’ list is taken by the structural genius Terrell Owens.​ His numbers are quite impressive – Over 15,000 yards and 16 touchdowns.​ He was the master of creating chaos on his side of the field, a true badass!

Entering another dimension...I have shared the stories of the top 6 leading receivers in NFL history with you.​ They have surely left a legacy for us and our future generations.​ But, I think it when is the nfl final also worth noting that nowadays too, many upcoming superstars are trying to make this list too.​ Guys like Antonio Brown, Eric Decker, Jordy Nelson, Julio Jones, Anquan Boldin and Calvin Johnson have taken this challenge upon themselves.​ I hope the future generations too will get to witness some more inspiring figures.​ Who knows, maybe their additions in the list will make it an even more exciting and delightful experience.​