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nfl.​draft 2022

Watching the nfl schedule rumors Draft 2022 with my friends was an eventful and overwhelming experience.​ This year the draft was held virtually due to the pandemic.​ Despite that, the atmosphere was filled with intense anticipation about who might become the next big star of the wholesale nfl jerseys from china.​

The first round was especially exciting.​ The New England Patriots had the 15th overall pick and things really started to heat up as teams began to pick their prospects.​ One name after the other, the anticipation grew until Dakota Jones, a Quarterback from College Station University, was picked by the Patriots.​ As soon as he stepped into the virtual draft room, the place erupted.​ It was electrifying.​ Everyone got up and cheered for him into the night!

The second round didn’t quit either.​ Teams scrambled to pick the right players.​ Some went for the defensive side, others went for offense, and then there was the Patriots yet again.​ This time they snagged a tight end, Reuben Smith, with their 28th pick.​ Reuben had a lot of potential, and the Patriots saw it from miles away.​ Now, all of the Patriots fans were hoping he’d become the next Gronk for them.​

By the third round, a lot of the best players had already been taken, so the game shifted to something everyone was familiar with: the guessing game.​ Who are the Patriots gonna pick up? Who’s the next big star? Who’s the next Tom Brady?

Well, the crowd was not wrong to guess that the Patriots were gonna pick up a game-changing player.​ They chose Justice Edwards with their 64th pick.​ Justice was an establish cornerback with good length and size.​ To the surprise of absolutely no one, Justice turned out to be a great player.​ Even just in his first season, he made some huge plays that helped the Patriots win some games.​

By the fourth round, things started to get really interesting because teams were trying to fill out their roster with the best “unglamorous” players they could find.​ They were scouting the players that the big stars overlooked.​ This is where we saw something truly special; The Patriots snagged a running back, Dante Thomas, with the 104th overall pick.​

Dante was overlooked by many other teams, but the Patriots recognized his potential.​ He was a hardworking and diligent player with a relentless motor.​ In his first season, he worked his way up to the starting running back role and made some big time plays.​ The way Dante stepped up impressed me so much that I began to think about him as the next Alfred Morris.​

It’s been almost a year since the draft, and we can already see the effects of it.​ Every team has profited from it in some way, and the Patriots are certainly no exception.​ With young talented players like Dakota, Reuben, Justice, and Dante, the Patriots would be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming season.​