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mlb play schedule

Hey friend, I’m sure you follow what’s going on with MLB these days.​ The MLB Plays schedule is super important to any fan of the game.​ It’s almost as exciting as getting to the ballpark to watch a game live!

I’m so glad the league finally decided to give us a unqiue schedule this year.​ It’s a huge difference from years past! This schedule is designed with the individual fan in mind.​ This way, you can make sure to make it to the games you want to see.​

It’s great to see that the powers that be at the MLB are listening to what we fans are saying.​ From the individual games, to the home game locations, to the number of games played, there are a lot of factors that went into making sure this schedule worked for everyone.​

It’s unbelievable how they managed to fit so many varied games into such a tight, few-month period.​ The sheer number of games being played each day is amazing.​ They packed as much baseball as they could into the 2020 schedule.​

Plus, with an unbalanced divisional schedule, it’s easy to plan which teams you’ll be seeing during which trips.​ This way,you can pick your destination and plan for ultimate enjoyment!

Also, an added bonus to this schedule is that it allows less travel by the players.​ This not only helps keep them safer, but also helps save on the team’s travel budget.​

I’m sure this year’s MLB play schedule will be remembered for years to come.​ I’m already counting down to the first game day and stoked to have something to look forward too!

You know what else I love? Mid-weeks games are the best because they’re less crowded compared to the weekend games.​ You can easily get tickets for these days without going through too much trouble.​

Do you remember that one game we saw earlier this year? It was totally packed, even though it was a mid-week one.​ We were lucky to get tickets at all! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the stadium that busy.​ I’ve heard a lot analysis of mlb draft players and coaches claim mid-week games to be the most complicated and challenging to manage, but it sure feels great to be part of the crowd.​

Speaking of crowds, why don’t we talk about day games? They’re always so much fun to attend.​ We tend to see a lot more families and kids during these games since, you know, everyone goes home early too.​ Plus, day games tend to be much more relaxed and chill.​

On top of that, doubleheaders are korean athletes given a fair chance in the mlb back on the schedule this time around, and they are amazing.​ Two games for the price of one? I’m sold! I can’t wait to have a whole Saturday packed with baseball action.​

As you might expect, nationally televised games are another favourite of mine.​ Everyone loves those games when teams from different divisions face off.​ There is so much electricity in the air! To top it off, the rivalry games are on the list too, so get ready for some genuine excitement.​

It’s almost surreal to think about how much the MLB play schedule has changed over the last few years.​ This schedule just screams convenience – it’s easy to remember and plan your trips around it.​ I’m so glad that the MLB got it right this time and put their fans first.​