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is tyreek hill the fastest person in the nfl

Have you ever heard about the guy who was named by some as the fastest player in the caleb biggers nfl draft? Well, that man is non other than Tyreek Hill.​ Hill was taken in the fifth round of the 2016 NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs and since then, he has gone on to be one of the most exciting players in the league.​

At first glance, the thing that stands out most about Tyreek Hill is his speed.​ He is able to run at an astonishing top speed and certainly looks like the fastest man in the NFL.​ It’s not just his height and weight which makes him so impressive either, anthony alabi nfl it’s something special and different he has over other players in the league.​

I was watching one of Hill’s highlight videos and was just blown away by what he can do on a football field.​ In one play, he was able to outrun the entire defense and score a touchdown in less than sixty seconds.​ That’s insane! What’s even more impressive is that he was able to do this while being double-teamed.​

It seems like every time Hill touches the ball, he has the potential to change the game.​ Whether he is returning kickoffs, taking handoffs, or catching passes; Hill is almost guaranteed to make something exciting happen.​

I have also heard stories of Hill from other players and coaches around the league.​ All of them mention his amazing speed and athleticism and how he can make plays that most players can only dream of.​

Even though his speed is his biggest asset, Hill is far from a one-trick pony.​ He is also able to make big plays with his hands as he is an excellent route runner with very sure hands.​ It’s not unusual to see him pull down some highlight-reel catches that make you think “Wow, how did he manage to make that catch?”

When we compare guys like Hill with the other guys who are competing for the title of fastest in the NFL, there is no contest.​ The speed at which Hill can run is just unbelievable and I don’t think there will be another player who can match him anytime soon.​ He is certainly the fastest man in the NFL right now.​

Having said all that, I do think that there are some other players who are almost as fast as Hill, and who could potentially make a claim to being the fastest in the NFL.​ Guys like Odell Beckham Jr and DeSean Jackson are definitely contenders for the title, so it’s not a clear-cut answer.​

But I think the verdict is still out, and at the end of the day it really just depends on who you ask! Does anyone have another opinion on who the fastest man in the NFL might be? I’d love to hear thoughts on the matter!