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is nfl on christmas day

Well, it’s almost Christmas and you know what that means, NFL – on Christmas day?!I guess some people will be actually doing sports on this special day, but not me – I’m just wondering if there’s anything that puts football on Christmas Day?

As much as I love the NFL, I think Christmas should be a day for family, faith, tradition, and peace.​ Football is a tough and tiring sport, and I’m not sure how many texas longhorns are currently in the nfl all of those natural feelings can coexist with playing a football game on a day designed for something more serene.​

But I also know that I’m not the only fan of the sport who feels that way.​ Although a good number of people still support the idea of having an NFL game on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, I personally think it’s disrespectful to the holiday.​ I mean, football represents grit and hard work, right? So why should it be treated any differently than mom-made dinner or special presents?

And then, of course, there’s the negative impact on the players.​ I’m sure they would love to spend Christmas Day with their families, rather than sacrificing them to do another practice or game.​

I can understand why some people might disagree with me and think that choosing to have an NFL game on the most magical day of the year would be harmless.​ After all, many sports stars play and entertainment on Christmas Day.​ But we have to consider that the NFL season is a long one, and if we force the players to play on such a special day, it’s disrespecting the holiday, its players, how are vegas nfl point spreads determined and the traditional values associated with it.​

On the other hand, a lot of people argue that having an NFL game on Christmas day would attract more viewers and fans and generate more money for the teams.​ They say it would be a win-win situation, but I don’t think those viewers would unfortunately understand the real meaning of the sacred holiday.​

Now, I’m likely never going to touch a ball on Christmas Day or while its snowing, but even with all the nostalgia of the Super Bowl an NFL game on Christmas Day just doesn’t seem right to me.​ What about you? Do you think there’s anything that puts football on Christmas Day?

Well, even if I don’t agree with it, the NFL will sometimes host a football game on Christmas Day, to spice up the holiday season.​ This could be due to the ever-increasing viewership numbers, advertisers trying to capture a broader audience, and of course the thrill in seeing the two teams battle it out surrounded by holiday decorations.​ But as much as those visuals might be attractive, I’m sure most of the players in NFL will be hoping for an off-day on Christmas!

On the other hand, some people won’t mind the fact that the game is played on Christmas Day, as long as it adds to the excitement of the holiday.​ And I suppose that in terms of added entertainment, an NFL game can’t be beaten; there’s something special about gathering around the television with your family and friends, eating your winter snacks, and tuned in to the game.​

There are people who believe that sports and holidays exist harmoniously and that Americans have the right to embrace both activities at the same time.​ After all, they argue, professional sports and religious holidays have coexisted for centuries, and should continue to do so in the future.​

I can also understand why beyond the matters of tradition, an NFL game on Christmas Day could be appealing to some viewers.​ Perhaps the game itself brings a sense of excitement, or offers a distraction from the holiday worry of travel and shopping.​

Moreover, I’m sure some avid fans will love nothing more than to get the day off from work and school so they can watch their favorite teams fight for that all-important win on the biggest day of the year.​ And who can blame them – after all, who wouldn’t want to experience that glorious moment when the surprise of Christmas is replaced with the thrill of football?

Finally, some people believe that having an NFL game on Christmas Day is in keeping with the historical value of the holiday – the early Christians considered it to be a time of peace and harmony, and having a football game allows everyone to enjoy the holiday in their own way.​

When all is said and done, I’m sure that the final verdict on this issue lies with the NFL.​ I’m sure they understand that it takes a special day, like Christmas, to bring the entire country together and allow us all to celebrate the holiday season in different ways.​ Whether that includes playing football or not, only time will tell.​