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how to hit hr in mlb the show 19

When it comes to hitting HRs in MLB The Show 19, it can seem like an impossible task.​ It’s time to get off the bench, step up to the plate, and talk about how young can you go to the mlb you can hit home runs in this game.​

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard is to take a “see ball, hit ball” approach.​ In other words, don’t think too much about it.​ Sounds simple enough, but that’s the hardest part.​ Keep your eye on the ball, not the end result.​

Start by heating up the bat.​ When you’re lined up for the pitch, move down the baseline as far as you can.​ This will give you more time to see the ball and give you the best chance at hitting a HR.​ The more time you have to see the ball, the better.​

Build up your timing skills.​ MLB The Show 19 has a feature that lets you practice timing.​ This takes away the guesswork and lets you practice until you’ve got a handle on the timing.​

Get coached by an expert.​ There are a lot of great online videos where expert players coach you through how to hit home runs.​ It’s like having a private tutor and can give you the edge you need to hit those long balls.​

Once you’ve nailed your timing, start broadening your batting strategy.​ Experiment with cuts and drives to see which works best for you.​ Getting to know your strengths and weaknesses as a hitter will go a long way to hitting a HR.​

Finally, stay focused.​ It’s tempting to start overthinking and second-guessing while at the plate, but that’ll only trip you up.​ Believe in yourself and your skills and go for it.​ With the right strategy and the right timing, you’ll be sending ’em out of the park in no time.​

So what is a mound visit in mlb are you waiting for? Step up your game, practice hard, stay focused, and soon enough you’ll be raining HRs.​ Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be entering the big leagues.​