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how to change player types on mlb the show 2018

Hey! Guess what is the diameter of a mlb baseball.​ I figured out how to change player types on MLB The Show 2018.​ It’s been pretty tricky, but I got it down.​ And the results are better than I ever expected! So if you wanna learn how to do it too, here’s how the process goes:

First, you’ll need to select your team.​ This is the most difficult part, as there are so many different options.​ But once you’ve chosen your team, you can move on to the next step.​ Then, you’ll need to select which type of player you want for your team.​ Whether you want a pitcher, batter, or base runner, this is your chance to choose your preference.​

Once you’ve selected the type of player, then you’ll need to choose a position.​ This is important, as it determines how you’ll be able to move around the field as well as how you’ll perform when at bat or on the mound.​ Here’s the kicker, your position choices will also affect which type of player you can choose from in the future.​ For example, you can’t play a short stop if you’re a left-handed batter.​

The next step is to pick a team strategy.​ This will determine your team’s offensive and defensive approach, which can yield different results based on the opposing team’s strengths and weaknesses.​ It can be tempting to choose the most aggressive strategy, but it’s important to keep in mind the other team’s strategies as well.​ It can be easy to get carried away with the possibilities of an aggressive strategy, but it’s important to keep your team’s strengths in mind.​

From there, you’ll need to choose a batting order.​ Again, the opposing team’s strengths and weaknesses should be taken into consideration.​ The order can have a huge impact on the pace of the game and the overall outcome.​ A well-chosen order can help to keep the game under control and increase the chance of success.​

After that, it’s time to select a team roster.​ This is an important step, as the roster will determine the players you have to choose from each match.​ As you try to build a successful team, understanding the best lineup for each match is going to play a huge factor.​

Lastly, you can customize the players.​ This is where the real fun comes in! You can tweak the players’ skills, which will give you an advantage over your opponents.​ You can also give players unique names and appearances.​ Customizing your team is an incredibly rewarding experience!

So there you have it—the process for changing player types in mlb catchers helmet The Show 2018.​ Give it a try and let me know how it goes!