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how much is attendance down in nfl because of protests

It’s pretty no secret that the NFL has been dealing with a huge attendance issue since the protests started.​ I’m sure you’ve heard about it, right? Well, I wanted to dive in and figure out how much attendance has actually been dropping in the NFL since the protests began.​

Let’s start off with the numbers.​ According to an in-depth report by the Associated Press, attendance for regular-season home games for the 2018 season was down about 5.​3 percent, wholesale jerseys from china the year prior.​ That’s huge! Just think: That’s over a million fewer people attending NFL games because of this whole protesting thing.​

It’s really sad to see how much this issue has affected NFL attendance.​ I know I’ve heard the story of people deciding to skip attending games due to the protests, and I’m sure other people have, too.​ It’s really sad that it’s come down to this.​ We should be united as football fans, not divided.​

And it’s not just NFL teams that are being affected.​ The college-level football programs are becoming just as big of an issue.​ NCAA football attendance has dropped by nearly 8.​2 percent over the past 10 years.​ That’s pretty significant, if you ask me.​

Not only that, but TV ratings are also taking a hit.​ NBC’s ratings for the first seven games of the 2018 season were down nearly 11 percent from the year before.​ That’s a big drop, for sure.​

It’s really a bummer to see the attendance dropping in the NFL and college football because of the protesting issue.​ I guess more and more people just don’t want to support the league in any way.​ As football fans, it’s our job to do players get punished if they curse nfl our best to support the game, no matter what.​

Last year, I noticed it was much harder to really get into the games, too.​ Fewer people at the stadium means there’s less energy in the air and less enthusiasm.​ It makes for a less-than-thrilling atmosphere.​

It’s just such a shame that something like this is getting in the way of us all enjoying the game.​ I hope the protest issue can be resolved soon so that the NFL and college football shrines can be filled with cheering and chanting fans once again.​

On a more positive note, there have been some creative solutions proposed in an effort to get more fans to attend games.​ For example, some teams have started offering discounted ticket programs, like “Kids Go Free” and family-friendly ticket plans.​ And other NFL teams have been giving away free tickets in an effort to get more people in the stands.​

Another thing that teams have tried is introducing new fan engagement programs.​ These programs can be designed to get fans more engaged with the team and make attending games more interactive.​

It’s interesting to see what teams are attempting to do to revitalize their fan bases.​ And I’m hoping that these initiatives will work and that more people will decide to attend the games.​ I miss the enthusiasm and feeling of being in a packed-out stadium – it’s really an incredible experience.​

Furthermore, I know there has been a lot of talk about the protests hurting the game’s popularity, especially with kids.​ I get that parents don’t want to expose their kids to anything that could be considered controversial.​ But I think it’s important for kids to understand what is going on in the league and to use game-time as an opportunity to discuss it openly.​

A lot of NFL teams have made an effort to reach out and explain why these protests are happening and try to make sure that the underlying message behind the protests isn’t lost.​ Players have been getting involved, too – holding open forums on the issue to discuss what their team stands for.​

I don’t expect protest-related issues to go away anytime soon, but I do think it’s important for everyone to know exactly why they’re happening and to stand behind the players and teams who are doing their best to get their message across.​

Additionally, fans should also be willing to make some sacrifices, like attending games, to help the league out.​ Going to games should not be an afterthought, it should be a priority and both players and fans should come together and support the league.​

At the end of the day, football is just a game and it’s important that we don’t forget that.​ Going to the games and getting behind your team should lift your spirits and bring you and your family closer together.​ We should use the sport to put aside our differences and enjoy something together, as one, no matter what.​

In conclusion, the entire NFL community is feeling the effects of the protest issue.​ More and more people are choosing not to attend games, viewership is down, and teams are having difficulty filling their stadiums.​ This isn’t a matter that should be taken lightly, but the expectation is that this issue will be handled in the future so that we can all go back to enjoying what we love most – cheering on our favorite teams.​