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how many years has michael thomas been in the nfl

Michael Thomas has been in the NFL for does fubo stream nfl games to out of region nearly 5 years now, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.​ His career took off when the New Orleans Saints drafted him in the 2nd round five years ago.​ In those five years, he’s made massive accomplishments and gained many accolades.​ For starters, he holds the NFL record for most single-season catches in a season — setting it at 149 in 2019!

As if that weren’t impressive enough, he was also selected as an All-Pro player in both 2018 and 2019.​ This too, was an NFL first for receivers who are undrafted.​ Thomas is a great football player, and I can’t help but admire his work ethic and passion for the game.​

My favorite memory of Michael Thomas is when he scored the winning touchdown against the Chicago Bears back in 2017.​ It was his first touchdown of the year and the entire stadium erupted as the result.​ That moment, to me, sums up just how much Michael Thomas means to the Saints and their faithful fanbase.​

He also has a knack for making plays at the biggest moments.​ Just this past season, Thomas had a clutch game-winning catch against the Los Angeles Rams.​ It was one of the most memorable plays of the year, and it shows the leadership and poise Michael Thomas brings to the team.​

Indeed, Michael Thomas is a great receiver and is one of the best in the league.​ He consistently puts up big numbers each season and has managed to become one of the elite players in the nfl hames.​ Knowing that he’ll only continue to improve each and every year is an amazing feeling.​ Talk about a rising star!

I believe that Michael Thomas is an inspiration to many upcoming wide receivers.​ His hard work and dedication is something to be admired.​ He puts in the extra hours to make sure he is improving each day and it clearly showed in his performance this past season.​

What impresses me the most about Thomas, however, is that he doesn’t let any outside criticism get to him.​ He forces himself to stay focused and be independent of any and all external influences.​ His mindset and attitude is something you don’t see every day, and it’s something us regular folks like to look up to.​

To sum it up, Michael Thomas has been in the NFL for 5 years now, and he has been nothing short of remarkable.​ From setting the record for the most single-season catches to numerous All-Pro selections, he has brought a lot of success to the Saints.​ I’m always excited to watch him play and I hope he will continue to dominate the leagues for many years to come.​