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how many nfl players came from ohio

I must say that I’m always impressed by the sheer number of NFL players that come from Ohio.​ It’s pretty remarkable to think that such a small state has produced so many successful pro athletes.​ It’s as if the Buckeyes have their own special pipeline to NFL stardom.​

Ohio is always well represented when the NFL draft comes around, with hopeful Ohioan players vying for their chance to join the ranks of gridiron greatness.​ Last year alone Ohio had over 10 players selected in the first and second rounds of the NFL draft, showing off the incredible talent Ohio football has any nfl player ever appeared on american ninja warrior to offer.​

When it comes to NFL talent, Ohio’s players can be found just about anywhere on the field.​ From the Defensive MVP, J.​J.​ Watt of the Houston Texans being from Wisconsin, to last year’s Super Bowl winning Quarterback Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens coming from New Jersey, Ohio has some heavyweights on its roster of NFL athletes.​

To no one’s surprise, just about everyone knows the legendary Cleveland Browns Offensive Tackle Joe Thomas.​ He’s a living legend in Ohio and is widely considered the greatest Offensive Tackle in the history of the NFL.​ Not only that, but Ohio is also home to Cincinnati Bengal’s Offensive Tackle Andrew Whitworth and Cleveland Brown’s corner back Joe Haden.​

Aside from the linemen, Ohio has also fed the NFL some exceptional running backs as well.​ Who can forget the likes of Eddie George, the Tennessee Titans’ Heisman trophy winner, or even the young gun Cleveland Brown’s Tailback, Terrance West? These are just some of the stars of the Ohio NFL trade.​

What really makes Ohio a powerhouse for NFL talent though is the sheer number of athletes it has produced in recent years.​ From this year’s NFL first round alone, Ohioans will make up over half of the drafted players.​ The Buckeyes’ cheap nfl jerseys legacy, it seems, is only expanding.​

But not all of Ohio’s NFL players are receiving the same attention.​ Take for example, Pittsburgh Steeler’s Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.​ Although he’s from Ohio, he’s not quite an Ohioan NFL household name.​ Ben’s had some great moments in the NFL, but he’s still operating in the shadows of some of the more established Ohio quarterbacks.​

Then there’s Philadelphia Eagle’s Safety, Malcolm Jenkins, who flew under the radar until he made a few big interceptions and earned a spot in the Pro Bowl.​ He’s never received as much recognition as some of the other Ohio NFL players, but he’s quietly been producing great performances in the league.​

Ohio has also produced some incredible defensive players over the years.​ Akiem Hicks of the Detroit Lions and Jamie Collins of the Cleveland Browns are two of the many Buckeye standouts.​ Whether it’s Owens, Whitworth, or Johnson, Ohio has been the home to a stable of talented defensive players.​

It’s also worth mentioning Ohio’s stellar special teams players.​ From Maurice Purify of the Denver Broncos, to Jameer Thurman of the Atlanta Falcons, Ohio has provided the NFL with many great kick returners and punters over the years.​

Ohio isn’t just pumping out defensive players and special teams specialists either.​ Wide receivers are no exception either.​ From the eight-time Pro Bowler Chad Ochocinco to the two-time Super Bowl Champ Julian Edelman, Ohio has its fair share of position players that have made a major impact on the NFL.​

Ohio’s lasting legacy in the NFL can’t be ignored.​ With so many Ohioans making their mark in the NFL, getting drafted year after year, and performing at the highest level, the Buckeyes have proven that they can compete with anyone when it comes to producing top tiered NFL talent.​Tips: Ways to Watch NFL Online Even Without Cable Channels