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how many nfl games has matt cassell started

I bet you’re wondering how many NFL games Matt Cassell has started? Well, if you haven’t been keeping count, it’s quite a hefty number.​ The former New England Patriots quarterback has started a total of 101 nfl draft jaguars 2023 games, and that’s something he should be proud of!

Cassell first made into the NFL scene back in 2005 when he was drafted by the Patriots in the seventh round.​ It seemed like a long shot for him – a college kid drafted by a top-tier team – but it worked out.​ The Patriots were a powerhouse back then and Cassell worked his way up from third-string quarterback to the starting spot in a few years.​ That’s impressive.​

He played for three seasons Cheap Jerseys from china 2008 to 2010 and had what can only be described as an opportunity to shine.​ During those three seasons, Cassell threw for over 3,000 yards in one and close to 4,000 in the other two.​ He completed an impressive 63.​3% of his passes and earned over 30 touchdowns along the way.​ He posted a 13-5 record in 2009 in his first season as an NFL starter, which got him attention from teams all over the league.​

All told, Cassell started 41 games in New England and had a total of 28 wins and 13 losses.​ From there, he went on to Kansas City for three years, where he was awarded the starting job for 24 games.​ Over the three seasons he had 16 wins and 8 losses.​ It was in Kansas City where Cassell earned his first playoff berth, and he even tallied 4,000 passing yards in one of his seasons as Chiefs QB.​

After Kansas City, Cassell went on to the Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills, each for one year stints.​ In Minnesota he played for 6 games and earned 3 wins, and in Buffalo he played for 2 games, eventually finishing with 2 wins.​ All together, Cassell had a total of 101 games and 51 wins.​

It’s no wonder that Cassell is a respected figure all over the league.​ He’s been with five different teams, had the opportunity to play for some of the best in the NFL and showed that he is a reliable quarterback.​ It’s a impressive accomplishment that not a lot of people could brag about, and Cassell should be proud!

Cassell’s long career as a professional quarterback is proof that hard work and persistence payoff.​ Without having mega physical talents, he managed to take over starting slots in teams that had some of the best quarterbacks of the decade.​ People who looked him up and down had their doubts, but we can’t call him a king of football or a leader of the pack.​ However, his record of 101 starts in the NFL is nothing short of remarkable.​

It’s been one hell of a journey for Cassell and watching him grow through the years has been something truly remarkable.​ He’s taken part in some of the best plays the league has ever seen and has now built a solid career in the NFL.​ What an inspiring story he has got to tell!

Cassell’s accomplishments just prove that hard work, integrity and dedication are what matters in life.​ He worked hard and eventually got to the top, and for that, all of us can admire him.​ It must feel amazing for him to have reached a stardom that was deemed impossible in the beginning.​

Doesn’t it feel like Cassell is living in a dream? He started his career as an underdog, and now he is talked about in the same breath as some of the NFL icons.​ I mean, it’s an absolute fairy tale, and there’s no reason why the rest of us can’t also do the same.​

All these years later, I still believe Cassell is a great role model.​ He’s shown us that dreams do come true, and that wasn’t even the great achievement of his career.​ He worked hard to get to the position he is in right now and that’s his greatest victory in the whole thing.​

Scoreboard-wise, Cassell started 74 games in the regular season, completing a total of 1,625 passes for 14,449 yards, 57 touchdowns and 44 interceptions.​ He also added 20 rushing touchdowns, which makes him the 8th ranked quarterback in the history of the NFL.​

In the past years, he has also become the first QB in NFL with a written agreement outlining return guidelines if he was released after suffering a concussion during play.​ It just goes to show how vastly safety in football has grown in the last few years, and Cassell’s involvement in the movement is admirable and worth commending.​

As for the postseason, Cassell played seven games since he first joined the league, tallying 4 wins and 3 losses in the process.​ He threw for over 1,400 yards and 7 touchdowns in those seven games.​ Furthermore, this number allowed him to get the 72nd rank in NFL history in that regard.​

All in all, Matt Cassell has had a great career.​ It’s inspiring and it’s proof that hard work and dedication, no matter how bumpy the road, will eventually get you to the top.​ He is an example to us all, and his success should teach us to never give up on our goals.​XFL to NFL: Episode 1