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how many mexican football players are in the nfl

Being a big fan of American Football, I am often asked about the subject of Mexican players in the NFL.​ It occurred to me that there could be several Mexican American players out there, and I decided to find out just how many.​

I was surprised by the sheer number of talented Mexican American football players in the NFL.​ According to the statistics I found, the number of Mexicans in the NFL has steadily been increasing since 1992.​ What’s more, it seems that most of these players are from smaller Mexican towns, which makes the fact that they have managed to make it to the highest level of American Football even more remarkable.​

How the NFL playoff picture works | Road to the Super BowlOne thing I noticed was that the vast majority of Mexican American players are on defense rather than offense, which is quite different from the overall statistic of American Football players.​ One example is Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who hails from Pensacola, Florida, but has Mexican ancestry.​ He is a seven-time Pro Bowler, and is well known as one of the best defenders in the league.​

I then looked at the offensive side of the ball for Mexican American players, and found that there were a number of them.​ Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler, was born in Oklahoma City of Mexican heritage.​ He is known for his quick feet and ability to break tackles, making him one of the more dynamic running backs in the NFL.​

Other Mexican American players I found included Miami Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki, and San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Trent Taylor, both of whom have put together impressive NFL careers so far.​ What struck me is that all three players were born outside Mexico, and yet have still managed to make a name for themselves in professional Football.​

Finally, while the number of Mexican players in the NFL is not quite as large as some would believe, there is still a growing number of players who hail from the United States but have Mexican ancestry.​ Those players are helping to prove that football can transcend borders, while giving back to their own communities with pride.​

Having now grasped the overall picture of Mexican players in the NFL, I decided to investigate further and see exactly how these players go from their roots to the NFL.​ As I looked into the life stories of a few of these players, I was amazed to see just how many people have ever been in the nfl different each one was.​

For example, Aaron Donald’s story starts with his parents who immigrated from Mexico in the late 80’s, which helped create the strong work ethic that has led him to so much success.​ He went on to play college Football for the University of Pittsburgh, where he really began to stand out as an athlete, eventually being drafted 13th overall by the Rams in 2014.​

Trent Taylor’s story is different in that he was born in Georgia, and his family moved to Texas when he was young.​ He also excelled in college Football for Louisiana Tech University, and was picked up by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2017 NFL Draft.​ Compared to many other players, his journey was quite short, but his success speaks for itself.​

Austin Ekeler also has a unique story.​ He was born in Oklahoma City of Mexican heritage and, after going undrafted in 2017, how to stream nfl in canada eventually found himself on the Chargers’ practice squad.​ His hard work and dedication eventually paid off as he was promoted to the active roster and went on to have a successful NFL career.​

I also looked into the background of Mike Gesicki, who grew up in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.​ His parents encouraged him to pursue his dreams, and eventually he committed to Penn State University to play the game he loved.​ After an impressive college career, the Dolphins drafted the tight end in 2018, where he currently plays and continues to excel.​

The dreams of Mexican Americans are alive and well in the NFL, and if these current players are anything to go by, more players are sure to follow in their footsteps.​ From Aaron Donald to Austin Ekeler and Mike Gesicki, they are all amazing players who have demonstrated extraordinary talent and character to make it to this level.​

Having found out that there are indeed Mexican Americans playing in the NFL, I’m sure the number of players from these backgrounds will continue to rise as we get to know their stories and recognize their achievements.​ Maybe one day we will see several Mexico-born players in the NFL, but until then, there is enough talent on the defensive end and offensive side of the ball to make me proud of these talented football players.​