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how many days until 2017 nfl kickoff

Woohoo! It’s almost time for the 2017 does matt lepay announce nfl games kickoff! It’s currently only 175 days away until we football fanatics can enjoy watching our favorite teams duke it out! Just thinking about it gives me chills and the anticipation is just too much!

Nothing beats the feeling of gathering around with fellow sports fans, all eagerly waiting in suspense for the start of the game.​ All the gorillas pounding their chests and the fans on their feet, filling the stadium with a deafening roar! As the teams lines up shoulder to shoulder in anticipation of kick off, the cheers become even louder.​ It’s so exhilarating that my heart races just thinking about it!

I’m not the only one eagerly waiting for the 2017 kickoff.​ Others are counting down the days until the start of pre-season, the sure sign that the football season is almost upon us! I’m definitely looking forward to learning who’s putting their best foot forward in their new season, and who will fall short.​ The other day I could almost hear people whispering predictions of which teams will be soaring to the top and which will be plowing through the trenches.​

This year, I’m especially looking forward to seeing the rookies.​ It’s always fun to see who the newbies are and how they’ll hold their own against veterans.​ I can hardly wait to see if any them end up being the star player of the season!

This NFL season will also provide fans with an opportunity to reflect on the old and ring in the new Annual NFL veterinarian.​ A season so fruitful that it can bring out the true passion in any sports fan! New superstars will emerge, veteran stories will live on, and does amazon prime offer nfl redzone with technology advancements, the games will be more engaging than ever with interactive experiences taking viewers across the globe!

Another thing I’m eagerly awaiting is who the commentators will be for the upcoming season? Everyone connects with a commentator in some form and watching football is no exception.​ Each announcer brings a sense of personality to the game and their antics can make a boring game almost fun to watch.​

And of course, no 2017 NFL season would be complete without watching the Super Bowl XLIX.​ Watching the scoreboard rack up points during the final minutes and seeing the sweat dripping down the quarterbacks forehead as he launches the touchdown pass to once-again secure victory for his home team is something worth waiting for!

Naturally, the spectator rides a roller coaster of emotions when they head into the viewing stands.​ Excitement turns to despair when the opposition scores a touchdown, but hope is restored when they finally nail the crucial field goal during the last few moments of the game! It’s insane just how unpredictable football can be even when you seem to have it all in the bag.​

So yeah, only 175 days away from enjoying the 2017 NFL kick off, and I’m super stoked.​ Who knows what the season will bring? Let’s just make sure we make the most of it and perhaps make a few bets along the way!