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how long has julio jones played in the nfl

Julio Jones, the nine-time Pro-Bowler, has certainly made a massive impact in the world of professional football.​ It is incredible that he has been playing since the 2011 NFL season and continues to shine as one of the greatest wide receivers of all time.​

It all began 11 years ago when the Atlanta Falcons selected Julio Jones with the 6th overall pick in the 2011 do nfl players shave their armpits Draft.​ An Alabama native, Julio had already proven himself as an elite college player, and the Falcons were confident he would take their offensive game to the next level.​

Little did everyone know, Julio went on to have one of the greatest rookie seasons in NFL history, and the Falcons were quickly becoming one of the most notable teams in the entire league.​ At the end of the season, Julio had attained 959 receiving yards, 57 receptions and 8 TDs, helping him earn a spot in the 2012 Pro Bowl.​

And wholesale jerseys from china then on out, there was no stopping Julio Jones.​ His athleticism and natural ability made him one of the most dynamic receivers in the NFL, and his performance was simply on another level.​ Throughout his career, Julio has played in seven Pro Bowls, played a crucial role in the Falcons making it to the Super Bowl in 2016, and broken numerous records.​

It seriously blows my mind how amazing of a player Julio Jones is.​ He’s caught 687 passes for 11,640 yards and 64 touchdowns in the NFL, and also achieved the second-most receiving yards in a single game with 300 yards.​ And no matter how many years he’s been in the league, he’s just as driven and determined today as he was when he first began playing.​

It’s just such an incredible honor to watch a football legend like Julio Jones play from the sidelines.​ I’m grateful to have seen him in action for the last 11 years and really curious to see what his future brings.​ As long as he stays on his grind and continues to give it his all, I’m sure he’ll continue to dominate in the NFL for many years to come.​

At 33 years old, I believe Julio Jones still has some more good years of football in him.​ He still looks spry, agile and just as explosive as ever, and I know he has the potential to continue making history in the league for some years to come.​ He’s pushed himself to the limit and given it his all every single season, and I truly can’t wait to see what is next for this remarkable player.​

With the start of the 2021 NFL season just around the corner, it’s a great time to reflect on Julio Jones’ legacy so far.​ From his deep postseason receptions, to his record-breaking performances, it’s clear he’s been a major force in professional football for the last 11 years.​

It’s safe to say Julio Jones has come a long, long way since his rookie season with the Falcons in 2011.​ His sheer brilliance is something all football fans have had the privilege to witness, and I’m sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed.​ It looks like he’s still got a lot of good football left in him before heading into retirement, and his impact on the NFL will most certainly last for years to come.​