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how long has ezekiel elliott been in the nfl

Ezekiel Elliott has been in the NFL for almost 5 years! I swear, he’s been around forever and I remember drafting him with my fantasy team back in 2016.​ I guess the good things in life just stick around forever, and that is certainly true for Zeke.​

It’s like the minute he put on that Dallas shirt, he won the hearts of the Cowboy faithful – and fast! He has remained at the top of the game ever since, with most of his yards coming in the first few seasons.​ In 2016, he was selected to the Pro Bowl and in 2018 he was selected to First-team All-Pro.​

And, not to be overlooked, he has been an outstanding teammate since arriving in the league.​ His ability to lead the team, whether on the field or in the locker room, is what has truly set him apart.​ Even his opponents acknowledge and respect him.​

I remember one particular game against the Washington Redskins where he put his name in the record books.​ It was week ten in 2018 and he ran for a whopping 149 yards – an all-time record! how many nfl players have been approved of concussion litigation cool was that?

It’s incredible to think that despite all the attention surrounding him, he manages to stay humble and work hard.​ He is so focused on the game and the team that he’ll never get distracted by the hype.​ It just goes to show that the real heroes are the ones who just show up and do their job.​

I am so proud of Ezekiel Elliott and all he’s accomplished in the NFL.​ He’s not only a great athlete but he is an even better person and teammate.​ He’s always been there for us Cowboys fans, forever inspiring us with his grit and determination.​

Whenever Zeke is running on the field, I know there is going to be a show.​ He is like a sports time machine – every play he makes brings us back to that incredible moment when we selected him in the draft.​ He is an absolute gem who has brought us so much joy in the last five years, and I’m sure he will have many more accomplishments down the road.​

That 200 yard-marker is definitely on the horizon.​ Even though he’s yet to break the magical number, I have no doubt he’ll do it some day.​ It’s only a matter of time!

Ezekiel Elliott is the epitome of greatness and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.​ He is a true inspiration to me and I’m sure to many others in the cheap nfl jerseys as well.​ I love watching him dominate the game week after week and I couldn’t be happier that he is part of our team.​

I can’t imagine the league without Zeke.​ He has left an unforgettable impression, with his awesome talent and leadership.​ He is a phenomenal athlete and an exemplary person.​ If only we could all be like him!