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how is it determined what nfl games are televised

So, you may be wondering how much did deion sanders make in the nfl is it determined what NFL games are televised? It’s a complicated process, but I think it’s worth delving into.​

First of all, the NFL assigns every team a handful of games to be televised.​ The more successful the team, the more games they’re awarded.​ Teams can also earn bonus games if they make the playoffs, and they can theoretically have all their games aired on network TV if they go far enough in the playoffs.​ The networks themselves also play an important role in determining what games are aired by bidding on them.​ So basically plenty of different factors go into deciding what games are seen on television.​

The NFL also has to be mindful of fan bases and viewership.​ If ratings are especially high for a team, they are more likely to award them games that get aired.​ Similarly, if there is an especially strong local market for a certain team, they will put more of an effort into having their games televised.​ This is why teams like the Cowboys and Patriots tend to be on national TV so often; their local fan bases are so passionate that the networks want to capitalize on that.​ It’s a great way to drive viewership, and it’s also good PR for the team.​

Also, the cheap nfl jerseys works with the networks to decide what time slot works best for each game.​ Some teams may do very well in the morning while others are consistently better in the afternoon or evening.​ The networks will often bid more for a prime time game, because it gives them more eyeballs and the teams can capitalize on the extra publicity.​

Follow my journey on Instagram: @i_am_simoesseThe last component of determining what NFL games are televised is the ratings of the two teams playing.​ If it pits two teams with weak fan bases, or ones playing in low-interest markets, they are less likely to be aired.​ Similarly, two teams with very passionate, loyal fan bases might be more likely to be chosen by the networks.​ Ultimately, it boils down to giving the viewers what they want, and that comes down to teams with a lot of local, national, and global appeal.​

But what about those rare occasions when a team you’re rooting for isn’t slated to be aired on TV? It happens.​ When that’s the case, you’ll have to look for an alternate viewing source, such as an actual ticket or streaming a game online.​ Of course, those options come with their own set of problems, but at least they’re out there if you need something to fall back on.​

Overall, it’s fascinating to see how it all plays out.​ Understanding why certain games are aired on TV while others are left in the dark can help you make smarter decisions as a fan.​ Think of it another way: Putting in the effort to understand how the networks and the NFL make their decisions will help you better plan your Sunday.​ So, if you’ve ever been the slightest bit curious about this topic, now’s the time to dive headfirst into it!