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has there ever been a tuesday night nfl game

I was wondering has there ever been a Tuesday night NFL game? I was watching a Sunday night football game last autumn, is amazon prime streaming nfl and it got me thinking – why can’t we ever have an NFL game on a Tuesday, like we have college games?

It turns out, there used to be! Back in the early 1940s, Tuesday night games were pretty common – though they tended to be significantly less important than the headliner form the Sunday game.​ It was basically something to fill the gap.​ It was a way for Mavericks – teams from smaller cities or just teams that were generally weaker – to build some interest and give those teams some additional revenue.​

But in recent years, Tuesday night football games have all but disappeared.​ Disney actually used to have Tuesday and Thursday night football games during the early 2000s, but they were canceled because of their low ratings.​ It seems that the public wasn’t enthused by Tuesday night football.​ I guess no one wants to watch the same team on both Sunday and Tuesday nights.​

I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic for the old days of Tuesday night football.​ A big game on Sunday and then a smaller affair on Tuesdays was a nice balance – sort of like the college system.​ I used to think of them as ‘taste of the week’ games.​ It was never as important or as intense as the Sunday night match, but it was still a great way to keep up with news about teams and players.​

Plus, I have to say, having a Tuesday night game on is great for any fans who can’t watch the game on Sunday night – or for those who just want more football! It’s definitely a great way for somebody who’s headed to the stadium earlier in the day to not miss the game.​

Anyway, those days are gone, but it doesn’t mean that football fans can’t get their Tuesday night fix.​ After all, college plays plenty of games on Tuesdays, and the NFL Network airs some of the replay games late in the evening.​ I like watching those just to get back to the nostalgia of those Tuesday night games.​

I’m sure there’s still hope for some Tuesday night NFL games in the future.​ Now that the tom brady nfl records Network is itself a broadcasting star, I can see them making Tuesday night games a major part of the rotation.​ If that happens, it’ll be great! Tuesday night games will be a great way to give teams a new angle of approach, and it will make the season feel that much longer for fans.​

And even if that doesn’t happen, that’s okay too.​ College games will be enough to keep me happy in the meantime.​ Who knew that the little Tuesday night college football games could bring back so much nostalgia? It’s kind of amazing what football can do to us, isn’t it?