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has an nfl player ever died from a hit

Yes, it has happened before – an NFL player has indeed died from a hit.​ It was in 2011, a tragedy that shook the sports world and left an entire team and fan base in mourning.​ I remember when I heard about it, I just couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t comprehend how something so violent could happen to an innocent player who just wanted to make a living and play a game he loved.​ It’s so sad.​

His name was Dave Duerson, and he played for the Chicago Bears.​ A former Pro Bowler, he was known as a hard-hitting safety.​ But unfortunately, on a fateful day in February of 2011, Dave died due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 50.​ His family believes that the devastating effects of various head injuries and collisions while he was playing in the NFL resulted in him committing suicide.​

So, this is one example of a professional football player dying from a hit.​ And it’s not just this one incident, there have been several other football deaths since then.​ For instance, in 2015, another Chicago Bears player, Adrian Robinson, passed away in his home after sustaining several head injuries.​ There are other players who have suffered from various brain diseases due to the physicality of the game.​

It’s heartbreaking to think about, and many people have argued that a lot more serious safety protocols and taping rules should be enforced in order to prevent future tragedies.​ Sadly, it’s too late for those who have already passed away and their families, but it’s much better than risking any more player’s lives.​

No one wants to see a player die from a hit – it’s tragic and it’s sad, but there’s clearly something much deeper that needs to be done to prevent this from happening again.​ It’s essential that football teams are provided with the best players and coaches to ensure that all players are under the strictest safety regulations.​ The NFL should ensure that all of their players are cared for and trained properly, so that this kind of tragedy doesn’t happen again.​

The tragedy of Dave Duerson’s death is a harsh reminder of just how many cards do you get in nfl gameday dangerous the sport can be.​ But at the same time, it’s essential that we learn from his story and never let another NFL player succumb to a similar fate.​ It’s an incredibly difficult task, but if everyone involved with the sport, from the players to the fans, takes their part seriously, then there is a chance of preventing any more tragedies.​

I am sure if proper safety protocols and education was provided, the number of deaths from hits would decrease drastically.​ It’s essential that safety protocols are enforced, and that all players and staff are aware of them.​ There is no easy solution, but by taking small steps we can work towards making sure that no other nfl photographer salary player ever dies from a hit.​