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don kelly mlb salary

The other day I was thinking about the MLB salaries.​ One player who stood out to me is Don Kelly.​ His 2020 salary was a whopping $1.​575 million dollars.​ I have personally seen Don Kelly play in a baseball game, and I must say that he deserved to make that kind of money!

I think that it’s amazing that such a talented player can make that kind of salary in a relatively short MLB career.​ It’s not like he played for 15 years or anything.​ Don Kelly was mostly a bench player, so there’s something to be said for his work ethic and devotion to the game.​

Maybe it’s just me, but I love to see a player achieving his dreams.​ Don Kelly deserved every penny he was paid and it makes my heart swell with joy when I know that hard work and dedication pay off.​

I often wonder what this says about the MLB as a whole.​ Are lower-tiered MLB players getting the recognition and financial stability that they deserve for their contribution to the sport? If Don Kelly can make that much money, what’s the upper limit like? Will someone be able to snag as much as 8 million in the upcoming seasons?

It’s no secret that most MLB players are paid very well.​ But it’s inspiring to see someone that isn’t a star or household name still get the kind of payday that Don Kelly earned.​ I think it shows that the MLB acknowledges all types of contributions to their system, whether they be from all-stars or fifth-stringers.​

The sum that Don Kelly made last year makes me think that baseball values even some of the most obscure players, and that’s something that should absolutely be celebrated.​ Think of all those little league stars whose dream is to make it to the pros one day and live the high life.​

But I’m getting off track here.​ I was just thinking about Don Kelly and his larger than life babe ruth mlb reference salary, and it just leads me to start dreaming big.​ It’s amazing what kind of salary someone can make for playing a sport.​ The fact that Don Kelly was able to make almost two million dollars last year should be an inspiration to all.​

Now, let’s talk about the various ways that Don Kelly’s salary could be used.​ We know that he got paid well, but what did he do with the money? Looking at some of his investments, it appears that he was able to purchase a condominium and invest in some real estate.​

It’s a classic example of how young can you go to the mlb someone can take their earnings and invest it in a way that will generate an income over the long run.​ Don Kelly could have easily blown his salary on fast cars and designer clothes, but he chose to be a responsible investor.​ That, in itself, is an admirable trait and should be applauded.​

But even still, it can’t be overlooked that Don Kelly was able to accumulate such a significant amount of wealth in one single year on the MLB.​ Not many can say that they achieved such a feat, and Don Kelly should serve as a role model to aspiring professional athletes and casual fans alike.​

When you think about how Don Kelly was able to generate such a high salary in one year, you can’t help but marvel at what the modern day MLB has to offer players.​ The organization is devoted to paying each player the amount that they’ve worked hard to receive.​

And that’s the beauty of seeing a player like Don Kelly walk away with a crazy MLB salary.​ He may not have been an MVP caliber player, but he persevered and made due with his abilities.​ That’s something that many of us should all strive for in our lives.​ We can all make it if we work hard and believe in ourselves.​