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don hutson nfl all time team wide receivers

I can’t think about football all-time teams without remembering Don Hutson, one of the most versatile and legendary wide receivers ever to play the game.​ During his career, he scored 488 points, which is still more than any other player in the NFL at the time of his retirement.​ In addition to this, he led the NFL twice in receiving yards, scoring touchdowns and in receptions.​

It’s truly inspiring to think about all the amazing plays and records Don Hutson helped set throughout his career.​ For starters, he had an amazing season in 1942 when he posted 18 receptions for a whole 799 yards.​ He also had a phenomenal day against Pittsburgh in 1945, catching 7 passes for 170 yards and 3 touchdowns!

But what could really solidify someone’s legacy as an all-time great wide receiver? Well, in Don Hutson’s case it’s his ability to come up with the big catches and be at the right place at the right time.​ He showed his uncanny ability as an all-time great was in the 1940 All-Star game, where he made a game-winning touchdown with only a few seconds remaining.​

It’s incredible that after over 80 years of NFL history, Don Hutson still remains one of the best wide receivers to ever step on the field.​ To this day, there are still records that Hutson holds, such as number of consecutive games with a receiving touchdown and the most receiving touchdowns within a season.​ Even after all these years, Hutson’s name still stands out as one of the greatest wide receivers in the NFL.​ To me, his legacy will always be remembered!

Other than Don Hutson, some other wide receivers I consider to be part of the all-time team include Larry Fitzgerald, Jerry Rice, and Randy Moss.​ Larry Fitzgerald has been a consistent all-time leader in virtually every receiving category including career receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns.​ Becoming the first wide-receiver to be drafted in the first round of both the NFL draft and college draft, Fitzgerald proved to be one of the best when it comes to the wide receiver position.​

Similarly, Jerry Rice is another name that comes to mind when we talk about all-time team wide receivers.​ Easily the most decorated wide receiver in NFL history, Rice holds many NFL records including most career receiving yards, touchdowns, and receptions.​ He was also named the NFL-offensive Player of the year twice and probably the most impressive honor, the NFL-MVP in 1987.​

Finally, Randy Moss rounds out my all-time wide receiver team.​ Despite being seen as a great deep threat, he was actually an all-round player that cemented himself as one of the best wide receivers of all time.​ During his illustrious career, Moss had 874 receptions for more than 15,000 yards and 156 touchdowns.​

As controversial as he may have nfl players addmitted to game rigging been outside of the game, there’s no denying that Moss’ impact on the NFL was huge.​ He revolutionized the way receivers played the game and a lot of today’s receivers have tried to model their game after him.​ Moss’ dominance in the game of football just goes to show why he belongs in my all-time wide receiver team.​

Another legendary receiver that comes to mind is Cris Carter, who has been able to achieve something only Rice was able to achieve; he’s the only receiver who had 1,000 receptions.​ Known for his unbelievable ability to make catches, Carter holds the most receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns in a two-year period.​ He also holds the record for the most consecutive games with a touchdown reception.​

Another favorite of mine on the all-time wide receiver team is Isaac Bruce.​ He had a career that spanned from 1994-2009 and during that time he posted some incredible numbers.​ He holds the fourth most receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns in cheap nfl jerseys history! His amazing performance and longevity are why he belongs on my all-time wide receiver team.​

The last receiver I would put on my all-time team is Marvin Harrison.​ Harrison is the only player out of the first-class receivers to have completed more than 120 receptions for 3 separate seasons.​ He also holds the record for most receptions in a season, with 143, and holds the record for most consecutive games with a 100-plus yard receiving game.​

It’s truly amazing to see how far wide receivers have come since Don Hutson’s time.​ He was a revolutionary player who helped pave the way for a more exciting and open, high-scoring game.​ Today, NFL wide receivers are some of the most explosive and exciting players in the entire league.​ To me, Hutson’s all-time team of wide receivers shows just how much impact he had on the game.​