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does xbox have mlb the show

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve seen an MLB The Show game on Xbox! I’m sure everything has changed since then, but the nostalgia just floods back to me when I think about it! I’m a baseball fan, and being able to play the MLB The Show on Xbox would be a dream come true.​

I’ve read a few articles here and there on the internet, and there seem to be mixed feelings on the subject.​ The Xbox series X and S have some really impressive specs, and personally I think they could easily play the umpires tonight mlb The Show.​ After all, the Xbox One and the PS4 are relatively similar, but the game runs optimally on PS4.​

But, the developers of the game could be the ones to prevent MLB The Show from being released on Xbox.​ After all, that means that to play the game people would need to buy two copies of the game if they have both an Xbox One and a PlayStation 4.​ That could mean double the money for the developers, or it could mean less people buying the game in the first place.​ It’s hard to say at this point.​

The reactions I’ve seen online have been interesting.​ Some people are korean athletes given a fair chance in the mlb clamoring that if the Xbox is going to be putting out games similar to the PS4, then why not just let them have the same titles too? On the other hand, some people think that because PS4 was the first console to have MLB The Show, that it’s exclusively theirs and would be unfair to put it out on Xbox.​

The other true unknown for MLB The Show is if the Xbox system is actually capable of running the game.​ With its larger RAM and better graphics, the Xbox series X and S could easily run the game.​ But, no one has actually tested it yet, so it’s still a mystery.​ I’m sure if Microsoft works it out with the developers and make an agreement, that it’ll be plenty powerful enough for the MLB The Show.​

My gut instinct is that eventually MLB The Show will be available for Xbox users.​ The console has exponentially grown in popularity over the years, and with the Xbox series X and S as the most powerful consoles available at this time, I don’t see why the developers wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to let as many people as possible play the game.​ I’m sure the Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox Two will be capable of running it too.​

I know some people that would really enjoy playing MLB The Show on Xbox.​ I think it’d be great if Xbox users had the opportunity to play the famous game.​ I’m not sure if it’ll ever happen, but I’m excited to see what the future holds! Maybe one day, we’ll have an MLB The Show game on an Xbox!