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does the nfl retired numbers

Football has always been a special game and over time, we have seen teams, players and staff come and go.​ To honor them, some teams have the tradition of retiring player’s numbers when they leave.​ The NFL is no exception.​ Now, I’d like to talk about does the NFL retired numbers and what it means to other players.​

When a team retires a players number, it’s a big deal.​ It’s often seen as an honorary way of paying respect to legendary players and it’s a way for them to be remembered forever.​ The NFL has done this quite a few times over the years, with some of the most famous players having their numbers retired.​

Michael Strahan and Barry Sanders are two of the highest rated players of all time, and both have had their numbers retired.​ Strahan’s #92 and Sanders’ #20 were both retired at their respective teams.​ It’s a great honor for both of these players and it’s an excellent act of respect.​

Retiring a players number is such a meaningful gesture that it also applies to players that weren’t quite as impactful as Strahan and Sanders.​ Don Coryell and Alan Page were both hugely influential for teams in their respective eras but don’t hold the same legendary status as some players.​ That being said, their numbers have still been retired in acknowledgement of their efforts.​

It’s an extraordinary act of honor and it allows players and fans to pay tribute to the greatest elements the sport has to offer.​ It also serves as an example of continuity.​ Other players can high school players be drafted into the nfl enter the league as smaller versions of these legends and strive to equal their achievements in their own way.​

Though retired numbers are a sign of respect and appreciation, there is a downside.​ Teams can you slingbox an nfl game’t use certain numbers anymore, which means that some lucky numbers are out of bounds for younger players.​ We want young players to continue to embody the spirit of the old ones and sometimes they could be passed up if their favorite number is no longer available.​

The NFL has also taken another step to honor special players, coaches and contributors.​ They have elected some players to the Hall of Fame, which comes with an induction ceremony, a special plaque and a lifetime of admiration from fans.​

Free photo american male football player in uniform on the fieldI think that the NFL is doing a great job highlighting the dedication of special players and coaches, and retiring numbers is a great way to honor them.​ It pays respect to those that pushed the game to new heights and shows that the league still values its past.​ Teams should continue to honor their most legendary players in this way, as it also encourages current and future generations to leave an impact of their own.​