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do you make your own team in nfl street 2

It’s been a long time since I’ve played NFL Street 2, but I definitely remember that one fondly.​ I remember the hours I’d spend trying to put together the ultimate team and absolutely dominating the street! It was such an exhilarating feeling no matter how much better are nfl players than college tried and true you were to the game – creating your own team felt special and as though nothing else mattered out there by the crossroads, everything else faded away as I worked on my team.​

Putting together my team was always a great adventure.​ First, I’d rummage through all the players in every team, picking out who I thought would be a good fit for my roster.​ I’d narrow it down to only five players, and then I’d begin building the team from there.​ Playing with numerous combinations and strategies to get the best out of my roster.​ I was never afraid of getting creative and breaking away from convention either – it felt like anything was possible when I was designing my own team.​

When everything was ready, I’d hit the street in search of victory.​ Nothing came close to a match in NFL Street 2! Every single game I had was a suspenseful bout filled with emotion and drama – sometimes resulting in crushing losses, but other times in exhilarating wins.​ Always the thrill of building a team and showing what I was made of later in some of the fast-paced action kept me coming back.​ I’d made sure that every player in my lineup was fit for action and was ready to help me conquer the street.​

Creating a team was never a concern of mine either – I had the confidence and the faith in my own abilities to help me continue thriving in this action-packed football game.​ It felt empowering to put out my own team and how 11 personnel changes nfl be able to manage it as my own creation.​ I’d meticulously plan my moves, hone my team’s performance and outwit my opponents – so when I got out on to the street to face off against other teams, I felt sure of myself and the kind of performance I’d put out.​

My teammates were as good as family to me – it was a bond based on trust and love.​ I’d thoughtfully chosen each and every one of them so that my team would be the best it could possibly be.​ I felt proud of them, knowing that each of them had been hand-selected by me and brought to the street for a chance at glory!

I’ve never found a game as thrilling as NFL Street 2 – not just because of the intense action there, but because I was able to create my own team.​ It was rewarding seeing all of us out there on the field, in formation, and working together.​ It was a fulfilling feeling that I still long for today – even if I can no longer play that game.​