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do nfl teams use turf

Oh man do I ever love going to NFL games! The crowds, the rivalries, the pure excitement! There’s nothing quite like it.​ But, have you ever wondered about the playing field beneath the players’ feet? Whether or not NFL teams use turf?

Well, like most things in the NFL, the answer is a bit complicated.​ You see, some teams use natural grass, while others use a combination of natural grass and artificial turf, and still others use just artificial turf.​ So, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.​

So why such a wide range? Well, for starters there’s the climate.​ Natural grass grows better in warm climates, whereas artificial turf is less affected by the cold temperatures of more northern cities.​ Then there’s the amount of play that the home team gets on the field.​ Artificial turf can handle more traffic than natural grass, so if there are multiple games and practices in a week, teams are more likely to switch to an artificial surface.​

But the main reasons for such turf variety comes down to maintenance and cost-efficiency.​ The cost of maintaining a natural grass field can be pretty hefty.​ On top of that, teams have to worry about inclement weather, like rain and snow, that could ruin the field.​

That’s why teams like the New England Patriots, who play in how many followers did the nfl twitter lose colder months, moved from natural grass to artificial turf prior to the 2006 season.​ It just made more sense.​ Artificial turf stays in place no matter the weather and only needs to be replaced every few years.​ It also allows for quick patch up jobs if the turf is damaged during a game.​

However, some teams like the Green Bay Packers, despite their cold weather climate, chose to keep their grass in place.​ Their grass is made up of a hybrid grass-turf blend that was created to withstand how much does nfl network on comcast cost the cold temperatures and the amount of traffic the turf gets from all the football games.​

So, there’s a variety of reasons why different teams choose to use different turf—location, temperature, maintenance, and cost-efficiency.​ It’s all about getting the best out of the field.​

Now, you may be wondering if playing on artificial turf is worse for the health of the players.​ Well, studies have found that artificial turf is just as safe and effective as natural grass for player-performance.​ Sure, playing on artificial turf may cause more abrasions or scrapes, since it’s a harder surface, but there’s no definitive statement that says artificial turf is hazardous.​ So, it really comes down to the maintenance of the turf and the care that the team takes to ensure the highest standard of safety.​

All in all, the answer to the age-old question of whether NFL teams use turf really depends on the team and playing conditions.​ But, considering all the pros and cons, the fact that teams are even considering turf is quite remarkable.​ There’s nothing quite like taking a seat in a crowded stadium and catching a glimpse of the teams duking it out on the field, no matter what kind of turf it is.​