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do nfl players tape their ankles

NFL players often tape their ankles to protect them from specific injuries that commonly occur in football due to wear and tear of conditioning drills and multiple movements the players’ make on a given day.​ The ankles are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body when it comes to football because of the sharp and quick movements that the players’ make when playing, both as an offensive or defensive player.​

I remember when I was a freshman in high school, a senior teammate on the football team told me I should always tape my ankles up before the beginning of the season.​ He said it was the most important part of the pre-game routine and, if I didn’t do it, I could easily get injured.​ He was right; taping your ankles is a sure way to prevent or at least lessen (significantly) any rolled ankles or sprains.​

For the most part, most NFL players are diligent about taping their ankles before practices and games, but there are a few exceptions.​ Some veteran players feel that they don’t need to tape their ankles anymore because they have built up their ankle muscles over the years and believe that their ankles can take the stress and strain of the game without has any nfl punter kicked it straight up help.​ However, this is usually not the case and disregarding proper pre-game preparation can also put a player at risk for injury.​

It is also important for cheap nfl jerseys players to take proper care of their ankles by doing some post-game treatment after every game or practice.​ This includes stretching the ankles, icing them, and elevating them to reduce swelling.​ Another recommended treatment is utilizing compression gear like socks, wraps, or sleeves; this can help further with improving stability and promoting circulation.​

I believe that properly taping your ankles is the best way to prevent injuries in football, especially for NFL players who are in a highly competitive environment and are prone to more intense ankle-related injuries.​ Aside from taping your ankles, it is essential to make sure that your training and practice regimen is focused around proper conditioning drills for the ankles.​ The better conditioned and stronger your ankles are, the better your performance will be on the field and the less likely you’ll be to suffer an injury.​

Overall, I believe that NFL players should take the necessary steps to ensure they are taping their ankles properly and doing the appropriate therapeutic exercises to strengthen their muscles and prevent injury.​ Doing this will not only help players feel more confident and secure on the field but will also help them have a successful and productive career.​