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do nfl players pay for footballs they keep

It’s no secret that nfl bandwagon form players are some of the most intense athletes out there.​ But, an interesting thing you may not know is that they don’t always pay for the footballs they keep.​

For starters, NFL players have to follow certain protocols when it comes to their equipment, such as footballs.​ During the season, each team is issued a set of footballs and are required to keep a certain number of them during games.​ The teams’ equipment managers will choose which balls are used in the game and which are kept by the players, and they don’t charge them for them.​

Players might think they have to pay for their keepers, but not so.​ NFL players may have an obligation to their team to use them in scrimmages and practices, but they don’t have to for any reason.​ It is usually a kind gesture by the team to offer footballs as a souvenir, and most players are more than happy to take them as a memento.​

Of course, if a player leaves a team, they usually don’t get to keep their footballs.​ The team will almost always take the balls back to prevent liability for any injuries that could occur if they were used after the player’s time with the team.​ This is the same for any other equipment or apparel that a player gets while a part of the team as well.​

However, some teams may allow a player to keep a ball as a parting gift; it’s usually discretionary and up to the team’s discretion whether or not they let the player have a piece of memorabilia as a thank you.​ It’s not typical, but it does occasionally happen.​

On the other hand, when it comes to footballs used in games, the players usually don’t receive any of them.​ Teams have a strict protocol for the number of balls used in a game, and the rules state that they must all be kept by the team; players won’t get one for themselves as a keepsake.​

Of course, this isn’t true in all cases, as some teams may allow a player to keep a football as a bonus for putting in extra effort.​ For these players, it can be a nice token of appreciation that they can take home to remember their time with the team.​

It’s also important to note that many times, players are given their own personal footballs to practice with.​ These are distinct from the team-issued balls and can, thus, be kept without any repercussions.​

Overall, NFL players don’t always pay for the footballs they keep.​ While the team might not offer them as gifts in the traditional sense, they may give one to a hardworking player as a gesture of appreciation, or who does lamar jackson play for in the nfl provide one to a player as their own personal practice ball.​