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did the nfl add another game

It’s been a while since I last heard that the NFL was looking to add another game to their annual lineup – I was totally stoked.​ The thought of having two games a week was really appealing and the idea of the two extra games seemed like icing on the cake.​

At first, I wondered where they would find the time and energy to fit it all in.​ I mean, that’s a lot of extra work Cheap Jerseys from china players, coaches, and staff.​ I thought the Tuesday night games would probably be put on hiatus as well.​

Why 14 Playoff Teams is Not a Bad Idea for the NFL - Jeff SharonBut then I heard that the league was actually thinking about adding a third game to the Thursday slate.​ Boy, was I surprised! That means three games could happen all in the same week – I could barely contain my excitement.​

I’d been grumbling for years that the NFL should expand their schedule so that there were more games.​ As a lifelong fan, I’m happy to see that my call was finally being answered.​ It seemed like it was taking the world forever to recognize the beauty in the extra games, but hey, I’m just glad that the league is taking this step.​

Working out the logistics must have taken a lot of planning and negotiating between teams and the league itself.​ I’m surprised it happened so fast, but I’m also mighty pleased they made it happen so swiftly.​ While I’m not sure if this move is permanent or not, I’m hopeful that it is.​ I’m sure the long-time fans like myself will be delighted if that proves to be true.​

Now that the league has added another game to the schedule, it’s opened up so many great opportunities for teams and fans alike.​ No longer do fans have to be satisfied with two games a week – they now get the added bonus of having three to look forward to.​ The same goes for players and coaches too, as well as team owners.​ It’s going to be amazing to see just how much the addition of this extra game affects the landscape of the league.​

One of my favorite things about the extra game is the chance for teams to play each other even more.​ It’s great that franchises now get to go head-to-head more often, and with more points up for grabs.​ No longer is there a case of teams who is johnny anonymous nfl confidential just can’t draw the right matchups on the schedule, but with the extra game added to the mix, there’s room for teams to face their rivals more quickly.​

I’m also excited to see the extra game bring even more enthusiasm from the fans.​ More team games makes it easier for avid supporters like myself to scout out ways to attend their home team games – no matter how far afield they may be from the team HQ.​ As for those who prefer watching to playing – well, they get their own bonus too – three games for the price of two and more points for their fantasy teams!

The extra game offers something for everyone.​ But more than anything, I’m happy that it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for NFL players, fans, and coaches.​ It’s a great advertisement for the league as a whole, and it just shows that the game of football is here to stay!