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did lourdes gurriel play outfield in mlb

Have you heard of Lourdes Gurriel? I know I hadn’t until recently.​ Well, Lourdes Gurriel Jr.​, was a Cuban-born baseball player who spent part of his career playing in the MLB for the Toronto Blue Jays.​ I’ll tell you what else I found out about Luordes; whether he played outfield in Major League Baseball or not.​

First of all, let me tell you a bit about what I uncovered.​ Apparently, he did play outfield in the MLB Shop.​ From the 2018 baseball season until the 2019 season, he played outfield for the Blue Jays.​ He was a left-fielder and later during the 2019 season he was shifted to the center-field.​ I guess they must have thought he was ready for the challenge!

That’s not all about Lourdes Gurriel’s time as an outfielder though.​ He had some pretty impressive plays with the glove.​ During the very end of the 2019 season, he made an impressive catch for the Blue Jays that got them an out.​ Everyone was really impressed by the play, including his team.​

But it wasn’t just in the field that Lourdes Gurriel impressed.​ He was a pretty solid batsman too.​ He was batting .​281 with 8 home runs and 51 RBIs in 107 games during the 2019 season.​ That’s some seriously good hitting! He provided a lot of power to the team’s lineup, and kept them do people purchase from mlb shop being outclassed by the other teams.​

I also found out that Lourdes Gurriel earned himself the 2019 Toronto Blue Jays GM Award for Best Offensive Player.​ He was chosen form a host of other contenders for the award, so that speaks volumes.​

In my opinion, it’s pretty amazing what Lourdes Gurriel has achieved in such a short time frame.​ I mean, he’s only been in the MLB for two seasons and already, he’s made a name for himself with his batting and his fielding.​ That being said, he’s the perfect example of dedication and hard work.​

As to what makes him so special, I’d have to say his dedication to constantly improve himself and his willingness to work hard are what sets Lourdes apart from the pack.​ He never takes days off and gives it his all in every game and training session.​ That’s something that every person, not just every athlete, should aspire to!

I also think it’s great that Lourdes Gurriel had the opportunity to play outfield in the MLB.​ It’s no secret that there’s been a shortage of quality outfielders in the league for a while now.​ He’s helped fill the void, for sure.​ What’s even better is the fact that having him field out there helps the Blue Jays win more games.​

Moreover, it also allows Lourdes to showcase his speed and agility.​ He’s an incredibly quick fielder who can get to balls before anyone else.​ He’s got great range too – he can really patrol the outfield with the best of them.​

So, to sum it up, yes, Lourdes Gurriel did play outfield in the MLB.​ And, based on how good he was during his stint in that position, it’s safe to say that baseball fans haven’t seen the last of him.​ I’m sure his career still has a lot to offer.​