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did anyone from last chance u make it to nfl

I know a lot of people are interested in Last Chance U and fanatical about the stories of players trying to make it to college and the NFL.​ We’ve all seen the documentary series on Netflix and it’s almost impossible not to watch! I’m sure a lot of us have thought: did anyone Cheap Jerseys from china Last Chance U make it to the NFL?

Well, the answer is yes! While it isn’t always easy to make it to the NFL, it’s even harder when you don’t have the traditional college experience.​ However, there are a few who made it and we should be proud of them! There is John Franklin III who played for EMCC and then went to Auburn, signing with the Chicago Bears and then the Seattle Seahawks.​ Marquez White, who also played for EMCC and FSU later, is now in the Arizona Cardinals’ camp.​ Isaiah Wright, who played at East Mississippi Community College and then transferred to West Georgia, is now with the Washington Football Team.​ And Tayvon Bowers, who played at Lackawanna Community College and transferred to Shepherd before being signed by the Steelers, is now with the Jacksonville Jaguars.​

I think it’s incredible that these young men were able to overcome the obstacles they faced and make their way to the do most nfl players grow up in poverty.​ It shows that there are chances to make it to the pros even if your path isn’t conventional.​ The courage and determination of these young men is something to be admired.​

But of course, the story of Last Chance U doesn’t end with the NFL.​ If you’ve seen the documentary series you know it’s about more than just those who make it to the NFL.​ It’s about those who are working hard to get in, those who have to take a step back in order to build a better foundation, or those who simply go on with their lives.​ Everyone’s story is different and equally inspiring.​

Moreover, the focus is on the challenges many of these players faced in life, and how they managed to overcome them.​ We see players who had to overcome poverty, homelessness, and many other obstacles in order to get to where they are.​ Last Chance U shows just how much strength and resilience these young men have, even when all odds are against them.​

It’s easy to be inspired by these stories and be hopeful for the future.​ If these young men can make it to the NFL then anything is possible.​ I think the lessons we can all learn from these stories are invaluable.​ It shows that anyone can achieve their dreams, regardless of where they come from or what obstacles they may face.​