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cbs nfl games today

I was flipping through channels this morning when I came across an advertisement for the CBS NFL games today.​ I couldn’t help but get excited; it’s been too long since I’ve been able to watch a good football game.​ In moments like this, I remember when I used to watch the games with my dad.​ It was always so much fun; the games were intense and Dad wouldn’t let me forget it.​ He’d be shouting and cheering, eating every bite of his favorite snacks and occasionally throwing a touchdown dance or two.​

The nostalgia of the memories was enough to make me want to watch the CBSNFL games today.​ I clicked on the remote and soon I was watching the pre-game show.​ I love the spirit of the fans who flock to the games, the commentators who build up the excitement with their commentary, and the athletes who have trained so hard to make it this far.​

JAMAL ADAMS ALL PRO creative design graphic design jet new york city new york jets nfl nyj social social media typographyI’m an avid fan of NFL and I have to say, I was absolutely enthralled when I was flipping through the channels.​ There were several games starting right as I got to the CBS channel.​ There were some great matchups going on, including a divisional game between Pittsburgh and Cleveland, an AFC North showdown between Baltimore and Cincinnati, and the Cowboys looking to show the Bears why they’re still America’s superior team.​

The suspense of the games was no match for my enthusiasm.​ I was jumping up and down with each touchdown and was on the edge of my seat the entire time.​ Every minute felt like an hour, and as the final seconds ticked off of the game clock I was filled with the feeling of true excitement.​

No matter the outcome, I could still feel the electricity of the NFL in the air.​ This is truly what I live for.​ Every week I keep my eyes open for can you watch nfl in the philippines 2020 the schedule of games, always curious to see who faces off against whom and which matchups are the most intriguing.​

I can hardly contain my excitement for what is the nfl passing yards record‘s in store this NFL season.​ With each day, I watch, analyze, and discuss the games with anyone ready to talk NFL.​ It has become a real passion for me and I will not rest until my team wins the Super Bowl.​ I’m sure with my enthusiasm and unbridled fandom, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time!

Q1.​- What other matchups are you looking forward to this NFL season?

I’m really excited to see the NFC East matchups this year.​ The Eagles have started off on the right foot, but the Giants and Cowboys can’t be counted out.​ Washington is also looking like they might make a big surge.​ I’m also keeping an eye out for the LA Rams, who have made some major offseason moves.​ Plus, Chicago is finally putting it all together and I’m sure they’ll be in contention soon.​

Q2.​- Have you ever been lucky enough to attend an NFL game?

Lucky? I would say extremely lucky! I remember the first time I attended an NFL game – It was a snowy November day.​ I was living in upstate New York, and my family made the trip to Buffalo to watch the Bills take on their division rivals.​ It was an amazing atmosphere; everyone was decked out in their team’s colors and the stadium was absolutely electric.​ It felt like a once in a lifetime experience and I’m so glad to have been there.​

Q3.​- Who are your favorite teams?

My favorite teams are the Green Bay Packers and the Miami Dolphins.​ I’m a die-hard fan of both teams and always root for them as much as I can.​ Green Bay is my NFL team of choice; I’m a fan of their history and the connection I feel to the team.​ The Miami Dolphins have been my favorite since I was a kid – I love the colors and the swagger that comes with the team.​

Q4.​- What would winning the Super Bowl mean to you?

Winning the Super Bowl would mean everything to me.​ As a fan, I feel like I have a vested interest in the success of my favorite teams.​ Seeing the joy and celebration of the players, coaches, and fans brings me an unbelievable feeling of pride and accomplishment.​ There’s is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that I played a part, however small, in helping my team win the ultimate prize.​