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can nfl coaches wear short sleeves in the cold

I was just talking with my friend the other day about whether or not NFL coaches can wear short sleeves in the cold weather.​ We both thought that coaches should feel comfortable wearing what they want while they coach, no matter the weather.​ It got me thinking about how different which current nfl franchise has never played on thanksgiving day teams handle the colder weather and how individual coaches handle it.​

Can NFL coaches wear short sleeves in the cold? To answer this, how long has baker mayfield been in the nfl I’d say sure, but it depends on the individual coach.​ I mean, some coaches are known for their style and they don’t mind the cold temps.​ We already know that Mike Tomlin was rocking a leather shirt in 0 degree temperatures last season.​ Personally, I think he looks awesome in that kind of stuff, but it’s not for everyone.​

Then there are coaches like Bill Belichick, who can be seen wearing long sleeves and a parka during the coldest of days.​ I guess he just doesn’t feel the cold – or maybe he takes coaching in the cold seriously and doesn’t mess with his traditional look.​ Either way, he’s got his style down.​

I think, at the end of the day, coaches should feel comfortable in their own style.​ If that means rocking a short sleeve shirt in zero degree temperatures then let them do it.​ Everyone has their own comfort level and expressing it during games should be encouraged.​

That being said, coaches do need to be prepared for the harsh weather conditions that might arise.​ Nobody wants to be the coach that was caught in a blizzard without the proper gear.​ That’s an embarrassing moment that nobody wants to experience.​ Coaches can still wear short sleeves if they want – they just need to be prepared with the right layers.​

While I’m not a fan of the cold, I do think it’s important for coaches to dress for the occasion – unless, of course, they are going for a statement look.​ I think ah-ing and umm-ing isn’t necessary.​ After all, it doesn’t really matter what a coach is wearing as long as they bring an effective game plan to the field.​

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fashion of NFL coaching but, at the end of the day, the strategy that’s delivered on the sidelines is what elevates teams.​ So, coaches should focus less on their style and more on doing their job.​ That way the fans can stay focused on the important stuff – like winning.​