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byu quarterbacks in nfl

Wow, the BYU quarterbacks have made some terrific waves in the NFL! It’s no surprise why my best friend is an avid fan.​ Growing up, we’d always watch the games together and imagine all the great things these quarterbacks could do on a football field.​ And boy, they did not disappoint!

Take for example, Steve Young.​ Just a few years after finishing up his college days at BYU, he was drafted into the NFL.​ Talk about a success story! Young became a starting quarterback, even earning a spot in the Hall of Fame.​ He was also the third highest paid quarterback in that league, proving it all pays off if you put in the work.​

But Young wasn’t the only BYU quarterback to make a name for himself in the NFL.​ You also can’t forget Marc Wilson who had a few great years with the San Diego Chargers in the early 80s before sliding into a role as a back up.​ He was definitely one of those quarterbacks who could make plays when they seemed impossible.​ And who could forget the great Jim McMahon, who took the Chicago Bears to victory in the ‘85 super bowl?

Then there’s Zach Wilson who has been making some big news lately.​ He’s one of the few quarterbacks to start the year off at the helm for a team right after he left college, and he’s definitely been packing tackles on the field.​ I think my friend and I will be watching him in the coming years too.​

Now, obviously these are just a few of the many good things that have come out of BYU’s quarterbacks.​ Even Ty Detmer, the 1990 Heisman Trophy winner, went on to play in some great mediacom nfl network games.​ As well, Taysom Hill has certainly made a name for himself as the ultimate utility man on the field.​

It’s really amazing when you think about how many NFL greats have come from one university.​ As a friend of mine said to me just the other day, “Why go anywhere else when you can get the best in the business from BYU?”

I mean, you really can’t argue with the success rate these former quarterbacks have had in the NFL, can you? All of this just goes to show that if you work hard and stay focused, you can achieve amazing feats.​

And now, it looks like the current crop of BYU quarterbacks is more than ready to carry that legacy on! I’m sure still a few more great QBs will be making their way to the NFL scene soon – and I can’t wait to see what happens!

But there’s no denying that the BYU quarterbacks have been some of the most successful when it comes to playing in the NFL.​ In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if one of the current players ended up setting records or even winning a championship.​

These same players also provide great support to the younger athletes trying to get into the NFL.​ They share their experiences, give advice and even attend some of their games to show their support.​ It’s fantastic to see that they’re still involved with the community, even after they’ve made it big.​

The BYU quarterbacks are also involved in several charities, are heated jackets allowed in nfl stadiums such as the American Heart Association and the United Way.​ Seeing these guys, who were once college athletes, continue to make a difference in people’s lives is truly heartwarming.​ It reinforces my belief that talent, determination and hard work, some of the same qualities these quarterbacks have displayed on the field, can still make a difference off the field as well.​

Of course, none of the BYU quarterbacks’ success in the NFL would have been possible without the support of their family, friends and coaches.​ More often than not, these people have been the driving force behind these athletes’ success, and it’s great to see all their hard work and dedication being rewarded.​

Another thing that sets all these college quarterbacks apart is their mental toughness.​ They all had to dig deep into their reserves of courage and determination to make it this far.​ Seeing these guys play with so much focus and conviction really gives me a lot of hope that anything, even if it feels impossible, can be accomplished with enough dedication and effort.​

There’s a lot to be said about these talented quarterbacks and their many accomplishments in the NFL.​ But one thing’s for sure – these players prove that with the right attitude and the right work ethic, anything is possible in life.​