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best qb in nfl ever

I’m sure all of us have our opinions about who the best QB in NFL history is.​ Personally, I think it’s a list of alabama football current players in the nfl close race between Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees.​ But for me, Joe Montana takes the cake as the best quarterback of all time.​

There’s something special about Montana.​ He always seemed unflappable; never phased by the pressure of the game.​ His ability to scan the field, find the open man, and deliver the ball quickly and accurately is unparalleled.​ And in the clutch, Montana was at his best.​ Who can forget “The Catch” in the 1981 NFC Championship game or “The Drive” in Super Bowl XXIII! He also led the 49ers to multiple Super Bowl titles, and his stats and records speak for themselves.​

For sure, the greats like Manning, Brady, Rodgers, and Brees have put up staggering numbers throughout their storied careers, and their stats make for a compelling argument.​ Each has won multiple championships, and their names will live on long after they hang up their cleats– but if you ask me, it’s all about Montana.​

I can come up with a million reasons why Montana might just be the best QB to step onto a field.​ He was so cool and did roger staubach win the nfl mvp award composed under fire, always able to make the best of any situation.​ He had a knack for reading defenses better than anyone else.​ He had these deadly accurate pinpoint passes, and the sight of him dropping five straight touchdowns still lives on in my memory.​

Off the field, Montana set the standard for class and character.​ He wasn’t some obnoxious show-off, flaunting his success.​ Nor did he take part in any off-the-field trouble or drama.​ Simply put, Montana was the consummate professional– setting examples for quarterbacks and NFL players everywhere.​

Another factor in Montana’s greatness was his legacy.​ He was instrumental in introducing the West Coast Offense to the NFL, a system now employed by most teams in the league.​ It’s been said that the innovation of this offense enabled teams to throw the ball shorter, more accurately, and open up the passing game.​

But for me, Joe Montana was the original and one of a kind.​ His style and game were like no other.​ You just can’t compare him to the bevy of hall of fame quarterbacks out today.​ To this day, Montana’s still arguably the most respected player to ever step onto the field– his excellence and incomparable success are immeasurable, and I’d put my money on him any day.​

Still, as far as playoff performances, Tom Brady just took the cake.​ He came back from an incredible 25 point deficit against the highly talented Atlanta Falcons to bring home another championship to New England.​ It’s probably one of the best comebacks in NFL history, and in that respect Brady surpassed Montana.​

When it comes to mental toughness and poise under pressure, though, no one can touch Montana.​ I mean, there’s the famous time in Super Bowl XXIII when, with the time clock ticking down, Montana famously said to Jerry Rice, “Hey, Jerry,.​.​.​.​We’re going to win this game!” What kind of player can come up with such a statement and make it work? It’s enough for me to look at Montana and shake my head in amazement.​

To me, with his composure, clutch-ness, and performance, no one can touch Joe Montana– he’s the bar by which all other quarterbacks are measured.​ Even though Brady proved his mettle with his miraculous Super Bowl win, for me Joe Montana’s still the best QB of all time.​