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best hitting settings in mlb the show

Hey there! I recently started playing mlb jerseys the Show and I’m absolutely loving it.​ I was wondering what the best hitting settings are and wanted to talk about them.​ Here’s what I know so far!

First off, I always make sure to set the contact/power slider to 50/50 which strikes an ideal balance between at-bat power and contact.​ Instead of either overpowering an opposing pitcher or missing the ball altogether, this setting gives me the best chance of a hit.​ It makes all time best mlb teram records the difference!

I also always remember to adjust my Guessed/Batted Pitch type.​ This helps to narrow down the opponent’s pitching selection and gives me an idea of what pitch to expect.​ Depending on the situation, I’ll switch between batted and guessed so that the ballpark remains in my favor at all times.​

Keep in mind, I’m always sure to turn off the Post Contact Guess.​ This helps me focus on the ball solely and not be distracted by the surrounding noise.​ With this option disabled, I’m able to concentrate more on the pitch and really see exactly where the ball is going.​

Next, I make sure to always swing in time.​ This helps my player to connect with the ball and gives me better control over the outcome.​ It’s important to practice this skill in order to become a better hitter – and it really does make a difference.​

And lastly, I pay close attention to the circle/square indicator.​ Depending on the ball trajectory, I’ll use one or the other to get an effective hit.​ This is especially important when I’m trying to hit a home run, since it’s essential that the ball lands in the “sweet spot” for maximum points.​

Playing MLB the Show with the right settings can really make a difference in terms of success.​ So I try to put in the extra effort to ensure that I’m getting the most out of every at-bat.​

Finally, Using the right analog stick.​ The right analog stick allow me to better control the angle in which I’m swinging.​ This is great for catching the ball at the right time for a better hit.​ Also, it is helpful to learn how to properly time my swing so I can connect with the ball exactly when I need to.​

I’m also always sure to adjust the batting perspective.​ Depending on the situation at hand, I may choose to switch between behind home plate and traditional batting.​ I find that the “behind home plate” perspective is extremely helpful when I’m trying for a home run, because it helps me better judge the ball in order to make an effective hit.​

Another option I usually adjust is the ball spin.​ This helps to reduce the chances of a foul ball or a ball that will be too hard to hit.​ And if I’m having trouble making contact with the ball, adjusting the ball spin can be really helpful.​

Using the left stick to size up the pitch is also helpful.​ This helps me determine where the ball is going to go and lets me know when to swing.​ It’s an invaluable skill and something I’ve become really good at.​

Paying attention to the swing feedback meter also helps tremendously.​ This allows me to visualize what kind of impact I’m having on the ball and helps me understand how to adjust my swings in order to get a more favorable outcome.​

Finally, I make sure to take defensive swings when the situation warrants it.​ Taking defensive swings reduces the chances of a ball slipping past me and ultimately helps me better defend myself from the opposing team.​ This is a hugely important part of playing MLB the Show and something I take very seriously.​

All in all, I’m doing everything I can to get the best hitting experience possible out of playing MLB The Show.​ From adjusting contact/power and guessed/batted pitch type, to turning off post contact guess and taking defensive swings, I’m keeping everything in mind to get the best result from each at-bat!