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bears nfl schedule

My current mood is all hyped up because the new Bears wholesale nfl jerseys from china schedule is out! I can finally check out what nfl team does the rock support the upcoming season will be like.​ I’m a diehard Bears fan, so I’m really excited about this.​ Here’s what I know about the Bears’ upcoming schedule:

First, the Bears will be starting off with the Detroit Lions.​ This is a matchup that definitely won’t lack excitement, as the teams have been known to have quite the rivalry over the years.​ The game will also be the first test for the Bears’ newly-drafted quarterback, so it should be quite the debut for him and the team as a whole.​

The Bears will then be hosting the Carolina Panthers in Week Two.​ While the Panthers made it to the playoffs last season, the Bears will be hoping to take advantage of a weakened defense, and go on to secure a win.​

The Bears will hit the road to take on division rivals, the Green Bay Packers, in Week Three.​ The rivalry between the Bears and the Packers is the oldest in the NFL, and is sure to be as competitive as ever.​

The Bears will be back at home to take on the New Orleans Saints in Week Four.​ The Saints have had a great run since 2017, and the Bears have never beaten them in Soldier Field.​ This might be the year that changes!

Week Five will be a matchup against the Patriots in New England.​ The Patriots are always a tough opponent, but they must be getting used to the losing by now, right? The Bears can take advantage of this and walk away with a win.​

Week Six will be a return to Soldier Field to face off against the New York Giants.​ The Giants have historically had a good run in the NFC East, but their recent history makes us think this may be their year to finally flop.​

The Bears conclude their NFC schedule in Week Seven against the division rival, Minnesota Vikings.​ It’s always a competitive game, but the Bears have the upper hand when it comes to winning this match-up.​

That’s the Bears’ full schedule for the upcoming season.​ A few of these matchups should not be taken lightly, so the team will have to be at the top of their game to have any chance of coming away with a victory.​ For now, I’ll just get ready to have an eventful season of NFL football filled with Bears victories!