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are you allowed to force an error mlb

Being able to force an error in Major League Baseball (MLB) is something that is debated a lot.​ Many people believe that it is the right call to make for your team in certain situations, while others see it as unethical and wrong.​ I am personally in the latter category.​

When I think of forcing an error in MLB, I can’t help but think of the umpire who is in charge of making the call.​ how long are mlb ganes can they truly know that someone deliberately caused an error? This is why I believe it is wrong because it is a huge judgement call.​ I can only imagine how many mistakes have been made solely based on an umpire’s call.​

Another huge factor that concerns me about this practice is the mindset it creates with the players.​ How can they not be affected when their team suddenly gets the upperhand due to a forced error? Sure, it may be seen as a savvy way to gain an advantage over a rival team, but it can also be taken as a way to overrule the hard work and skill of the opposing team.​

Moreover, I am adamantly convinced that MLB teams should not be allowed to force errors.​ It is simply unfair to the players who worked hard to get to where they are, only to be overrun by someone who may not have earned their spot in the league.​ There are far too many questions and controversy involved in this matter for it to be allowed to take place.​

Since the opposing team may suspect foul play on the part of the team that forced the error, I feel like it could lead to incidences of animosity and tension between both parties.​ This being the case, it may even ruin the whole spirit of the game, leaving players to become too focused on the stats and numbers, making it less of a sport.​

In my opinion, games should be about playing with integrity and never about forcing errors.​ It sends out the wrong message to all time winning pitcher in mlb baseball of the players and the game in general, and it certainly shouldn’t be tolerated in Major League Baseball.​

The next thing to discuss is how a forced error could result in serious repercussions for the teams involved.​ Surely, any controversy with regards to these kinds of plays should be looked into by teams and umpires.​ Fines, suspensions or even expulsion from the league could be some of the possible consequences of this type of activity.​

Furthermore, a player who is found to have committed this particular offense could be subject to further sanctions from the league, such as fines or disqualification.​ Regardless of any action taken by MLB, it goes without saying that this is an issue that should be addressed in order to avoid it in the future.​

The bottom line is that forcing an error in MLB should not be allowed.​ It is wrong and it has the potential to ruin the reputation of the league and hinder the performance of the players.​ It should be made crystal clear that this is an action that will not be tolerated and that it has serious implications.​